Thursday, 4 August 2011

Pictures GET!

Hey everyone!

Okay, so previously last week I ordered a few things on Ebay, because Hello Store USA is too freakin' extortionate so I avoid their shop at all costs, and they came in the mail today! So I thought I would share these lovely photos with you! :D

Here are all the pictures together! I absolutely adore them all, they are AWESOME! >3< -squeal!-

This Eripon picy is lovely! I am SO glad I won the bid for this one <3

I actually had to ask the Ebayer if he could get hold of this for me, cos the one he had listed previously had sold right away! So he got it for me, yay!

This is the freebie I got for my purchase of 5 amazing pictures, and it's ERIPON! ZOMG! <3 I love this guy!

I ordered this gorgeous Niigaki picture in her Yukata cos she is just amazing!

And a Kanon one! She's just too adorable <3

And finally Fuku-hime! This also wasn't in stock, but the guy got this one for me too! So I was pleased! *o*

Sadly I got no Aika in her Yukata pics :( BUT Aika has lots of awesome pictures, so I'll be purchasing those in the future, hopefully!

Anyway there is my update! I hope to talk soon, so be good! Bye~ xxx

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