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Jishin Motte, Yume Motte, Tobidatsu Kara - Ai-chan's Solo Revealed!

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The full Radio-Rip of Takahashi Ai's solo B-side to Morning Musume's 47th single, titled Jishin Motte, Yume Motte, Tobidatsu Kara, has been released after hearing the first two songs, and WOW, what an impact this has on me!

Initially, I expected this song to be a sort of ballad, something that you would expect from Ai-chan, but as with the previous two songs from this single, we have been surprised with another upbeat and fun song. And I have to say that this is the perfect way for Ai-chan to leave Morning Musume, because this song is extremely up-lifting and gives me a lot of hope for Ai-chan after her Morning Musume graduation.

I absolutely love the upbeat melody and the energetic, catchy anime-ish tone that it exudes, and how amazing Ai-chan sounds here. It is weird (for me) to hear a song with just Ai-chan and without Winky or Gaki following her through, but even so, I find that this is an amazing song and I imagine that Ai-chan had a lot of fun recording it. I am left with a great impression after listening to it - it makes me think that Ai-chan is saying 'This is it everyone, this is my last song, my time to leave - but lets not be sad about it.' and I feel enlightened, and extremely hopeful, for her success in the future as an actress, and hopefully, a solo singer. Because lord, we all know that she can sing!

I honestly hope that the music video is just as amazing as the song is, I honestly do - Ai-chan deserves this. She deserves to go out with a BANG, and a PV that suits the song is the perfect way for Ai-chan to leave this life as a Morning Musume member. (Man, her concerts gonna be HUGE! I wish I could go ;w;)

But what I enjoy the most about this song, weirdly enough, is that even though it is so lively and happy-go-lucky sounding, it still makes me want to cry. Maybe it is because I have finally realised that this is the very last song that Ai-chan will sing as a MoMosu member, or maybe its because somewhere within the lyrics and the beat, you can't help but feel that this is a kind of sad song (albeit the nice title), a way of Ai-chan saying goodbye to 10 years of her life that she spent creating a solid fanbase, creating an image for herself and creating her own destiny. This song is the end of a long reign from a great Leader, someone who was so shy at the beginning and then came out of her shell and proved to everyone that she was Morning Musume.

I'd say that the only problem I find with the song is that it doesn't explore Ai's voice - though it is great, we don't hear the strength and the limit that she can go - if it had been a more powerful song, I'm pretty sure that Ai-chan would have gone far with it and shown us all that she could give and thrown it in our faces! This is what a friend of mine commented on about the song, and I honestly agree with her. If there was more power and more of a boost, I think that Ai-chan would have ROCKED the song even more than she is doing with this song now!

In the end of it all, this song is perfect for Ai-chan. It shows that she wants to go out with a smile and with hope for Morning Musume, and though I want to cry after listening to this song, I also want to smile, because it is that kind of song (to me, at least). So, Ai-chan, you have amazed me even more. This song is absolutely beautiful, and it suits Ai-chan to a T. If Tsunku had chosen a different sort of song for Ai-chan to leave with, I honestly don't think that it could have been this good or left such an impact on me.

With a positive, up-beat way to leave everything she has in MoMosu, Takahashi Ai-chan will go out with that final, long-awaited BANG!

Check out the song below and see how you feel after listening to it!

Video uploaded by: knowknew0920


Source: Hello! Sayunii

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