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HouPri - The After School Princesses make their Debut!

All opinions on the new group, HouPri, are my own. If you don't like my opinions or how I word things, then go away! I don't want you spamming my blog with negativity! >.<

Picture taken from their official fansite,

Back in July, it was announced that a new Idol unit would be debuting in the Japanese Entertainment Industy. Houkago Princess, or HouPri for short, officially debuted on August 3rd of this year.

This group is definitely more interesting than most, as they are known as a Dress-Up Group. Their fans determine the costumes and outfits that they will wear for their performances and their singles. The aim of this group is to include as much fan-based participation as possible, so that they can create a close bond with those who idolize them. However, as it is their debut single, they decided to wear a school uniform (corresponding with Houkago) and Tiaras (corresponding with Princess).

Currently, HouPri consist of 7 members (I guess we should call them the Student Council, right? xD) and their leader is known as Student Council President.

Now, what I really like about this group is the fact that everything about them is new - they don't belong to a parent company/agency/record label (like Sony, Up Front, AVEX etc) - they simply work with what they have. Their producers and managers are all talented people (as the trusty Tokyohive said) who produce the outfits, the Promotional Videos, their schedules and so on so forth. So yes, they're definitely debuting in a different way to most!

As far as I know, Youtube is their main way of promoting themselves - I don't follow twitter, however on their site, it indicates a link to their MySpace, Twitter, Youtube and Ameba blog accounts, so there are plenty of ways to promote themselves. The girls also have their own blogs, and their website is regularly updated with events that are happening.

NOW! I have filled you all in on this new group! So let's get on with the important part of the post - the PV!

After 10 days since their Debut single was put on sale, Houkago Princess' official youtube channel has released their PV! And I am ready to analyse it all! So, let's start!

Please forgive me for not knowing their names yet - some of them have dyed/changed their hair from the picture to the PV so I'm gonna be stuck until I memorise their faces xD

Houkago Princess ~Oshiete Kudasai!~

Wow, this is hard to see~ xD

I really like the opening logo - it's cute, just like the groups name, and kinda simple (I guess?) and it looks quite school-esque, like a schools emblem on a blazor~ I like it. So classy :o

We get a view of the school jacket that is the main costume theme for this PV~ At first I thought that the colour was meh, but it grew on me! xD

LEGS! Zomg, lovely leggies~

Ah~ Introducing the Leader/Student Council President of the group, Odagiri Nana (21)

Three cute comrades~

Another three~ Yees, bend over that desk ;D

Oh great, she's running cos of the creey smiley (;D)

Mwahaha, well, she doesn't have anywhere else to run now, cos the Gymnasium won't protect her from the creepy smiley ;D

But the coat hanger might? (BTW the music starts playing when she brings it off the rail xD yaaay, magical coat hanger!)

Huddle huddle huddle~

I swear, this girl is just too cute! How the heck is she 21!?

This girl looks. So. Damned. BORED! There is like one time she looks semi-bored, but the rest of it she is bored-looking... >.> And she's shown the most in this PV xD

I love the amount of cute, random little poses they do in this PV~

Seriously~ Especially pig-tails - I love her already xD And the he-man posing one in the back, far left of the princess-chick who permanently looks bored (other than here)

I seriously love this chicks smile, it makes me wanna smile! XD <3

Oh-Ho-No you Didn't! is what she says :D

Rin Rin Rin Rin Rin Rin Rin Rin Rin~
I'd totally call her over and over again~

I love this pose here~ It's seriously cute~


See! She looks SO. FREAKIN' BORED!

But I don't wanna go that way, I wanna go YOUR way!!!

Ah, smiley is back~

Sorry, but this picture always makes me LAWL xD I lawl hard xD

This girl isn't shown enough, honestly! She is AMAZING, and she is shown the LEAST, I swear she's shown the least ;____; -yes, she's my new fave, shurrup-

I love that Twin-tails always looks at the camera, as if she's saying 'I know you're there, you pervs~' -she has good camera presence-

Dude, this reminds me of those mangas where boys are like 'no, higher~' and look up the girls skirts xD

Totally Diva-ing those aisles

Nana, is reading boring? :( I can't sympathise, I like reading xD

This girl is a serious sack of cuteness o-o

Seriously, you don't get shown enough, miss awesome-voice <3 I wish I knew her name ;___;

CRAP they caught me watching >.> <.<

You're not in Passpo, dear!
I love you ;o;

I like the bored-front-girl in this pose, it really suits her - she's a true princess~

Awesome one-shot is awesome *o*

And it ends with them all attacking each other with glomps and hugs and what not~

So my opinion?

Thoughts on the PV

Was it awkward? Yes. Was it a nice way for the girls to debut? Yes and No. I think that the entire concept of the PV was cute, and I liked that they put it in a school building. I would have probably liked it better if they were in a classroom dancing, or maybe the school halls, because the Gym looked a little cheap to me, but then again, that is my opinion. Then again, I have always liked simple PVs, so the Gymnasium just adds a little more to this groups charm. But I actually liked the library scenes the most, especially when they sped them up a little. I also love all the different angles you get in the dance shots, and the close ups were cute.

I love all the little poses that go on in the PV as well, that just adds a touch of cuteness to it all.

Sadly, the girls don't seem to hold much energy - this could be the choreographers problem and not the girls. A few of them also seem to be a bit bored, or maybe a bit awkward/tense - but for some of them, I guess it's hard to find their comfort zone. I have a feeling each and every one of them are new to debuting as idols, and for most of them, who are nearing their 20's or are in them, this can be a bit harder, because debuting idols are usually 12-14 years old when they enter the Entertainment world. Wait, how is it harder? Dunno, it just seems so, because they might have already created a comfort zone for themselves in another way, and suddenly they are in the spotlight.

Anyway, overall, the PV is cute, but it is a little too awkward. There were probably 2 or 3 girls who looked like they were absolutely in their comfort zone, but everyone else, not so much. Oh well, that's how it goes~

Thoughts on the Song

As one of my dubbing friends said to me, this is a great song for the girls to debut with! It's really cute, and fits with their theme. I just can't get over how anime-ish it can seem at some parts, and yet overly Idol-like at other parts. The instrumental is great, the girls' voices sound awesome and sweet, and they harmonise well together. I especially love their cute little 'Demo's' that they keep repeating - for some, it can be annoying, but for me, it's cute and wonderful.

Now HER voice seriously surprised me - I never expected it to be so... so CUTE!!!! I never would have matched her type of voice with her face! But regardless, I like her voice. It's nice.

This girl has a surprising voice too - I can definitely match her voice to her face, however I also can't - I guess I expected something softer, but still, I love her voice as well. It's awesome!

SO overall I really like this song - it isn't the best, but it isn't the worst either - it's probably the sort of song I would let a little kid listen to most of all, though I like those sort of songs a lot xD I would also pair this song with a cute, girlish anime - a princessy one, of course.
 This song is very cute. This is something that I would probably listen to on a regular basis WITHOUT headphones (I fear a headache lawl) and probably a song I would choose out of habit if I listen to it enough, however it isn't upbeat or powerful enough for me to listen to when I am down or when I want a lively song, however, it is catchier than PASSPO's new song xD

Wanna watch their debut PV? Well go ahead, it's right here~

That's my 2 pence piece for the day :P


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