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The C-uties Dominate All with Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko

All opinions on the C-ute PV and song, Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko are those of my own. If you don't like my opinion, then don't read this post! Thank you!

Just a few hours ago, C-ute's official youtube channel updated with the MV to their new song, Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko. This is a cute and fun video that truly shines and shows the energy and talent that each of the members have for their beloved group. It is a colourful step froward from Momoiro Sparkling and probably the best song I have heard from them since my beloved Everyday Zekkochou!

When I first heard this song, I was pretty much hooked - it is energetic, fun and happy. It has a great pace to it and it really reminds of the childish, fun loving C-ute that they once were. To top it all off, the PV is colourful, bright and energetic, and it makes you fall in love with this group over and over again. I seriously love this song and its video, they really suit each other. This is a happy song/video marriage, I tell you! There is no CGI involved, just a simple, colour-burst back drop and the girls themselves with a few books and such for props!

So let's kick start the pic spam!

Can I add these girls to my doll house, please?

We open with the bright and eye catching layout of the video, with all the girls sitting in individual boxes in their member colours, all looking like really cute dolls.

Chisa's hat rocks!

After a run and a jump, the girls are ready to kick start this song!

The dance is seriously cute! xD

I still want them as my dollies~

I love their close-up shots, Airi looks especially gorgeous here~

And Chisato just looks stunning, especially when she's wearing green!

Don't forget lil Ol' Me~

Yes Maimi, you look good too~

The scenes where they two-shot the girls are absolute LOVE <3 they are cute, cute, C-UTE!

I just wanna hug you!

Now Mai-Mai looks absolutely wonderful in this PV, in fact, she looks the best, she's just so eye-catching! I think she's really blooming into a true beauty!

Nakky's eye-catching blue colour is really nice and refreshing against the other bright colours. I love it~

Okay, these two boxes next to each other are epic - it's like night and day - can these girls duo with these colours? Thanks Tsunku-man ;D

Chissa reading!? I could watch her for hours, who cares what the books about!?

Writing some fanfiction, Airi? ;D What pairing is it? Oh, Chisato Chiima I hear? How sweet!

Whats that you're reading, Nakky? Airi's fanfictions? :O No need to hide it! Lemme see!

Oh gawd, Mai, you're seriously cute in this! x3 <3 MARRY ME!

:o Why you has peach?

I love these two-shots of Nakky and Mai! <3 

Oh man Mai, you're killing me with your awesomeness! Gah! -dies-


Oh look, we're playing chase! C'mon, Chisa, run before they get you!

Airi: WHEEEE! Maimi: HMPH!

Let's just say this picture is lol-factor xD

Yes Mai, I love YOU, and you love ME <3

I love the little foot pops they do <3

Mai loves Chiima, obvs she does!

I <3 you too, Mai! <3

I will fight for your love too, Chisa! So wait for me!

Lol Maimi, wtf?

Group shot ftw! Colours of the rainbow, skittles, SKITTLES!

Airi: Planking is FUN!

These two together = cuteness overload <3 I love Nakky's shy hands over mouth look <3

Chisato: Yeah Babeh, YEAH YEAH!

Yes Chisato, YOU ROCK!

Lets just say that double Chisato IS. AWESOME!

Lovely Nakky looks extremely lovely <3

I swear, if you're not sick of the amount of blu/yellow shots I have, I applaud you!

Need I say it again? I. LOVE. THESE. SHOTS!

Airi is so freakin' cute its unreal

HI-YAH! Knock them books down, Chisato!

Just... so... cute! x)

Chuu~ *smoooch*

Yes, I will smooch you lots Chisa! >3< Airi can use it for fanfiction reference! <3

Maimi looks really nice where she smiles with her mouth closed~

I. Love. MAI <3

Nakky looks like such a beautiful girl <3 So delicate and pretty~

Yes, I had to~

I love these parts where they just switch colour blocks~

Nakky ilooks so cute in the yellow block~

Airi, you're freakin' ADORABLE!

Nakky: Oh!~

Foot Pop, Foot Lock, lets Pop and Rock and Lock and blaaah~

Nakky for Leader!!!

I rest my case ;)

Now to the skies, Nakky Minions!

Bye Bye books, Lord Nakky no longer needs you~


Nakky's feelings on being leader to her new Minions

When I saw this I was like 'ZOMGAWD HOW CUTE! <3'

This... is... just... AWESOME <3

How cute~ <3

Their final stance as minions the video comes to a close

And these are the words and emotions I feel and think of when I watch this PV and listen to this song~

And so ends the pic spam!

But not the rest of this post xD sorry~

Final Thoughts on the PV/Song~

C-ute have really impressed me with this burst of colour and genkiness, and have really stepped up to the plate with their song. Their energy and the happy lyrics create a great atmosphere, and the PV just finished it off and sprinkles absolute awesomeness on it all. I am in love with it. I love this song much more than my previous favourite, Everyday Zekkochou, and Momoiro Sparkling.

The music video is quirky, colourful and bright and gives you an energetic feeling. Seeing the girls faces makes me want to smile, and seeing them dance wants to make me smile! I love it! Love love, LOVE IT!

My favourite thing about the PV is probably Mai. She looks so beautiful in this! I adored her in Momoiro Sparkling, because she stood out, but here she has the best look out of them all. I really think that they're finally giving Mai looks which suit her and make her stand out above everyone else, and here she truly does she shine. She sings great, she looks great. I really think that Mai is the best performer in this song, she just radiates here.

Another thing I love, which I am sure you noticed, is the block rooms. I love that they are in the member colours, and I like that they use two-shots sometimes (barring Chisato, who hardly got a two-shot in her room) with the members. I think that these just gave off a really great look for the girls, and the colours are really eye-catching. I love how they decorated these little rooms with random objects or a simple dresser and pillows. It is like a little dolls house for the girls, and creates an image of the girls being dolls!

I think that one of the nicest thing about this PV are the shots where the girls are lining up books and then pushing them down to create the word 'HAPPY' - it is such a nice touch, and just completes the whole PV. I actually can't imaging this PV without those added clips now. It's creative, yet simple, and it just adds a great look to the whole video and finishes it off nicely. I'm also a big fan of the shots where the girls are laying down. They look elegant, at peace and simply beautiful.

The dance shot is also great (jn my opinion) - its fun and playful and fast paced. The chasing each other around is just so sweet, and their little foot popping thing going on there is just adorable! It makes me want to watch the dance shot and learn the dance!

NOW onto the song itself.

I first heard this song as a radio rip, and even then I loved it. It is energetic, it makes me smile and I basically para para to it a lot. The song is a catchy tune and very memorable, and above it, it is a true C-ute song. It emanates all that is C-ute in my opinion. Quirky, up-beat with catchy lyrics and fast-paced beats, this song is easy to dance to and you will be tapping your foot to it, nodding your head along, pumping your fist in the air or bouncing around to it when you hear it.

For me, this is the best song that C-ute has ever released. It just shows how great these girls are as a 5nin unit and how they aren't complete with each other, and it also shows that Tsunku is really paying attention to what C-ute works well with - Tsunku... thanks for actually paying attention to one of your groups!

If this doesn't get oricon on the number one, then I will go Kami-Hami-Ha on their butts! XD

Well, that is my 2 pence piece for today ;)

Shall I leave you with a fianl picture?

Yes, I did get a funny screen grab xD Well... it's funny in MY opinion ;)

Now, go watch the video yourself and jump around! Chotto, Jerashii!~


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