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Videos Galore! ~Chiima's August Favourites~

With the summer holidays nearing its end and August waving goodbye, I am having a look back at the songs I have been listening to the most, or the ones that have somehow stuck in my head, during this wonderful month! Hello! Project has given us a few surprises, I have delved into a few anime songs and also taken a look at different groups that I never thought existed until I actually cared to... well, care. So, what are my favourites?

Let's go through them!

Houkago Princess ~Oshiete Kudasai~

This song was one of the releases that I had anticipated the most since I found out about the group back in July, and though impatient, I really did look forward to it - though the dance was poor, their expressions lacking and their vocals surprising, I really do like this song. I find it nice to listen to, and quite cute. The PV isn't overly boring to the point where I want to just sit down and cry because of how terrible it is - in fact, I enjoy watching it. I like looking at the girls and wondering what costumes they will wear next. Hopefully a maid outfit? So soot me, I love Maid costumes

My White Ribbon by Afilia Saga East

Speaking of Maid costumes, a group I have been enjoying is Afilia Saga East. These girls are really enjoyable to watch, and all of them are just beautiful. I honestly wouldn't mind one of them serving me for a day! But it's not just the girls that I really like - it is also the song. The Anime feeling of it, and the choir-like voices make this a really nice song to listen to, and something calming when you feel like you've had enough of those deliriously happy, childish tunes for a day!

Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko by C-ute

Okay, so I said deliriously happy - how about some C-ute? Not only is it overly happy, but it is also rather... blinding with all those bright colours together! I fell in love with this video and the song the second it came out, and my opinion still hasn't really changed about it - the song is catchy, it makes me want to dance, and I love the amount of bloody skirt that their dresses seem to have! They're just like dolls, and I think that this is a better summer song when compared to Momoiro Sparkling. Yes, I still love it - But it's not my favourite song of the month, surprisingly!

Koi no Chousa Houkoka Sho by Milky Holmes

Even though I found this unit a few days ago, I have been really hooked on them - they have quite a few songs released under the title of Milky Holmes for the anime, and they are all just as cute as the song I have been hooked on! Just like the C-ute song, this is a rather colourful affair, but with a lot more hyperactivity thrown in there and even more cuteness thanks to the forced, overly cutesy voices that three of the characters put on for the song. Regardless of the annoying voices, though, this song has managed to get stuck in my head countless times, more noticeably when I wake the heck up!

Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun Da Yo! by Morning Musume

Yes, this is in here - I like most Morning Musume songs (note, I say most) and this is no exception to the rest of them - the song is catchy, the PV is a glitter maniacs heaven and the costumes are just... well... Love. However, this is not my favourite song of the month - it doesn't get stuck in my head like other songs do, and in comparison to the song that comes along with it, its rather... plain? Well, whatever, I like the song regardless, and it has been a song and PV that I have been anticipating for a while now, so yay!

Best Friend by Nishino Kana

This is probably one of my favourite songs from a solo artist - I absolutely love it. It makes me really happy to listen to it, and I am thankful for my sister who showed me the song. It is beautiful, and Nishino Kana is just an absolutely amazing singer, she really takes my breath away. Sadly, I can't find a youtube video to the video for this song, and most of the videos are actually fancovers, which is a little annoying when I'm trying to find a video for you all to watch XD But whatever, even live this song is absolutely gorgeous. If you haven't checked any of the others out, check this one out - it's just stunning.

366 Nichi by HY

I recently got into a few dramas (that I never finished... oops >.>) and it was the song to this Drama that really got to me. The song is called 366 Nichi and is the ending song to the beautiful, heart-wrenching drama that is Akai Ito. Though I never finished the drama, the song is something which I stick close to now - It actually helps me to write, and also to make me think whenever I am going through a tough time. The tune is beautiful, as is the singers voice - I don't think I could ever get sick of this song. If you love a good melody that makes you a little sad, or makes you think, then definitely check this out. If you also love a good Drama story, then try out Akai Ito - either way, you're gonna have to listen to this master piece!

Kirari Sailor Dream by Sae

Kirari Sailor Dream is probably one of my all-time favourite Opening songs for a Drama. I really do love it. It's the first ever Drama song I heard, seeing as PGSM is the first ever JDrama that I watched. It's a nice tune, but it's not too over powering or excitable. I really like the singer, Sae, because she has a nice low voice and really fits the song. She pretty much sounds like this live as well, so it is an added bonus that her voice isn't all about the auto-tune (much like Sayu). If you've ever watched PGSM then you will definitely recognize this song, but if you haven't, and you were once an avid fan of Sailor Moon, then definitely take a look at this song and then the drama. It may be incredibly cheesy to watch, but it's good too! Promise!

Kiss! by Bump.y

Okay, so I will actually be finishing this post with my number 1 song of August, which is Kiss! by the girl group Bump.y. I think that this is a perfect summer song, with a refreshing beat and a soothing melody which really gets me in the mood for a relaxing holiday. I keep returning to this song regardless of the mood I am in, and it always makes me happy. The girls look gorgeous, and the dance is quite cute, whilst the backdrop doesn't overwhelm me with a lot of colour but still manages to create a nice atmosphere. This is seriously a nice change of pace from videos like C-ute's Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko or the absolute eye-sore that is the CGI induced Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun Da Yo! This song provides a nice balance in colour without trying to give the viewer a headache. I may love the other two songs a great deal, but they can give me a headache with the dazzling brightness that they provide us. Sorry to all the other songs, but Kiss! is my overall winner for many reasons.

Okay! I hope you all enjoyed, and I hope that this gives everyone something to watch! This is just my personal taste - if you like something different, then why not make your own blog post about it? I find them really fun to read ^^


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Gladiators in Space! - Kono Chikyuu no Blah Blah PV Pic Spam!

All opinions are my own! If you don't like me opinion, then MEH! I don't care, we all have our own opinions - if we agree on something though, then ZOMAIGAWSH YAY 8D

It's been about a day since the PV for Morning Musume's 47th Single release, Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo! (Also known as Kono Chikyuu no Blah Blah) has gone viral, and since then I have been constantly replying it to listen to both the song and to watch the PV. However, I still prefer the second song. But that is my personal preference.

Maybe it's cos Gaki looks quite Eye-candyish in it from what the PVs show - it also has a pretty catchy tune.

BUT sadly we're not here to review the second PV - that will happen when it eventually comes out, so for now I shall review Kono Chikyuu no Blahdy Blah, which pleased me quite a bit when I found out someone had kindly put it on their account for all Morning Musume fans to see. I swear, this weekend I was practically frothing at the mouth waiting for at least one of the two PVs to appear - I did a lot of impatient waiting, and I hate it. Let's hope it never happens again. It will...

I think it is probably the understatement of the Wotaverse when I say this: This is one of the most anticipated PVs since whenever... I dunno why, it just is. Probs cos it looks like Tsunku splashed a bit of that Yen just for Takitty's grad.

So, for a while I have been hooked on both of these songs - I listened to the radio rips when they came out, and I pretty much fell in love. I have been more so leaning towards the second song of the two, but this one is still rather catchy and nice to listen to - it contains a lot of Ai, so for all you fans, enjoy the Eargasm that is her voice.

Sadly, this song also contains a lot of Reina, much like the second song. What a disappointment...

And now let's get on with my review thing... Have fun with the Pic Spam and words! MWAHAHAHA!

Sleepin' Beauties~

We open with the girls all sleeping - really, I don't think that these girls would look so perfect when they wake up, but whatever floats the Tsunku boat...

The girls look rather lovely when they're sleeping - more so Sayumi and Niigaki. These two look so at peace! Mittsi's sleeping face is quite adorable - sadly I opted with the choice not to screen cap it >.>

Lovely Niigaki is Lovely and perfect!

Ai: "WTF is this thing?

I love Ai's 'WTF it's a door!' face - it is almost like she's questioning Tsunku's motives...

That or she's wondering why she's graduating :/

I think this is one of my (many) favourite parts of the PV - Ai's transition from the room into her dream state. I like that ^^ Plus the background is pretty gorgeous, you gotta admit that.

Winky sports the usual look...

Ah, Winky... plaguing us again with that stupid Bow fetish of yours?

Ai: "All I want is..." *whispers*

Ai Takahashi is telling us to keep quiet about the birthday present she wants us to give her... Shhhh!

The biggest piece of Ear and Eye candy we could all wish for

Lord, Gaki looks sexy in this... she stands out so much more than usual here, and her voice sounds absolutely amazing (as always)

Yes, Gaki for President!... Er, Leader...

There are simply no words for how beautiful Takahashi looks as a Gladiator Goddess...

Takahashi's been on the sauce again...

I have to say, in the group scenes Riho makes me LOL, because at one point she bounces around like she's been stealing Koha's drugs.

Fukumura: She's doing it wrong... >.>

Ai, PWNING all her solo's as always...

They stole the Yume Miru 15sai background...

Let's all take a moment to remember that AIKA IS HERE!!!! <3

I'm warming up to Riho... shit o-o

A delight to see!

Lord, doesn't she look adorable? Also, let me say this: Out of all the girls in the whole PV, she has the smallest top - sadly, they don't show her bust enough in this ); or at all, to be exact >.>

Another farkin' Goddess in Gladiator Gold - Eripon looks simply stunning in this, like a doll. She's my third favourite eye-candy in the entire PV, one being Gaki and the other being Sayumi.

I'm kinda annoyed they covered Kanon up though, considering that Riho is far flatter than Kanon ever will be...

Yes, it actually does annoy me

Run, Gaki, Run!

Fukumura looks like some sort of Greek Goddess here... the only part that she isn't is Greek :)

I think that Sayumi has graduated from 'Cute' into 'Beautiful'! Oh, I am cheesy and terrible with these today... >.>

Why do I like you more now? Dx stop being cute!!!!!

Ai: This is ma Jam, Yo!

Rocking it out to her own beat

When does she ever stop looking like a Goddess/Angel in this?

Other than when she's in her Py-Jammies

Gaki: Does not WANT! Reina as lead

See what I mean? An absolute doll - she's just ranked up to 2nd place, tieing with Sayumi. This is also one of my favourite scenes - all of these close ups are

Reina looks lifeless, like always

Ai: "It's so... Pretteh...."

Ai... Ai see my future... 

Aika - loving EVERY moment of this PV

Riho - being perved on by someone I am guessing is called Sayumi, and thoroughly enjoying it (lol)

Kanon looks rather adorable here - YAY for no tied up hair!

I seriously spam on too many Ai pics today... Oh well, she deserves it! ;)

This... smile... it... is... Lovely...

Noo! It's coming to an end! D;

Well, that's the second star to the right gone...

It's so... shiny...

Ai: Precious one...

DAMNIT AI! Don't stuff it down your cleavage!

There's not enough Fukumura love in this PV!

Ai smiles at us after throwing her cleavage crack star at the screen.

The door re-appears! And this scene actually made me tear up a little bit... ;~;

OKAY so what did I take away from this PV?

Well, obviously Tsunku and the rest of the producers within UFA and H!P have been on the CGI crack, because we're getting a lot of it lately - but I actually did not expect such a CGI heavy video. In fact, the heaviest CGI I have seen from H!P is probably Mini Moni, and most of that CGI scared me. Luckily though, this CGI doesn't scare me - it is actually quite pretty, with my favourite background being the purple stars and the cloudy like haze.

I think that this PV is very beautiful and well made, however I do wish that Tsunku and his team hadn't relied so much on the CGI to create the whole PV - Sometimes I think I'm travelling on the Star ship enterprise, and it can be a little too dazzling for my taste - we already have the sexy, overly sparkling costumes that the girls are wearing - why do we need more in the form of the background? It just makes for one giant eye sore in my opinion, and it hurts my eyes too much.

Now, let's talk about the costumes for a moment - WOWZERS! I am really pleased with these costumes - they are incredibly sexy and very flattering to each of the girls. They really remind me of Gladiators ina  way, and I just want the girls to do a fighting pose and maybe hold a few spears and yell a war cry or something... The only thing I really have to whine about is the fact that Kanon has the most modest outfit of them all - whilst the others show quite a bit of flesh, it seems that H!P and UFA are quite adament about covering the girl up - is it because her boobs are bigger than the rest of 9th Gen, or because she's the youngest? In all honesty, I believe it is because of the first reason that I stated.

I am also extremely pleased with the close ups of the girls - they all look so beautiful, and it has made me appreciate Riho a lot more - she is my least favourite 9th Gen member, probably because of her extreme popularity, but she does look quite cute in this, and I've warmed up to her voice - Hey, if she can kinda block out Reina's squawk whilst they have a small duet together, I am gonna like it. It's nice to hear more of one person when they're with Reina, and not her over powering them.

Also, Niigaki is absolute eye candy here and really pwns all of her solo's and looks absolutely... well, let's say incredibly FREAKING sexy and dominating! This is the future leader, people!

Now, let's face a few of the downsides here - I may love the PV and the song, but I know there are things I have to address...

Where the HELL are Aika and Fukumura in this? Like WTF, they're the ones who have the least screen time - Okay, granted, Aika's not in the dance due to her foot problem, but at least give her a bit more close-up time ;~; They have FINALLY found a hairstyle that suits her, and she's not even shown that much >.>
 Also, about Fukumura: She is really a stunner here, she looks breath taking, and she's barely seen - Yeah, I didn't screen cap her much, that's my own fault, but still... damned PV editors XD

Hm, what else to nit-pick at...

Probably the amount of Reina that's in both PV's - I may whine about it a lot as well in the next one, but Reina is a lead in both songs, and that annoys me - she's far too over rated now, and I may like her a lot more than I used to, but I am no fan of her voice in the studio song releases - I prefer her concert voice. However, I do like her with Riho - they balance each other out well, and Riho's voice over-powers hers a bit, meaning there's less Reina and more Riho to hear XD
 Oh, and I really hate that bow, it gets so damned old!

I also REALLY hate that CGI star - it looks super duper fake XD

The dance also sucks a bit... but meh, whatevers, there are parts that I love, but others that I LOL at.

So overall, yeah, I like the PV and the song - okay, I love them. They're both good, but I definitely wasn't expecting the amount of CGI that we have. I think that the PV is a nice way to send off Ai-chan - especially the end scene where the door re-appears and we see her walk towards it. It's a kind of sad way to end it, actually, but none the less, I like it, and it makes the viewer think 'This is it, right?'. I also think that the amount of Ai-candy (see what I did there? XD) in the video is really good - they really made it all about her without making it too overwhelming and annoying.

The drawbacks, though, are that there isn't enough of Fukumura or Aika. Heck, there isn't enough of Kanon, Eripon or Sayumi or Gaki, even, but whatever, this is what I'm used to by now - but even in the few scenes that Fukumura and Aika are in, they look lovely. Aika looks cuter than ever, and the hairstyle actually suits her, and Fukumura looks like the Goddess that she is. Also, whilst on the subject of close-ups, Gaki looks just lovely - I can really see her shine here, and she stands out the most, with Sayumi a close second. She really shows us how great she is on her solo lines and in her single close up shots. She has really given it her all, and I can't wait to see how she does as a leader!

Okay, I will pretty much finish off my review and pic spam now, but I want to leave with a random screen caps I got by accident. I also want to say this:

When Sayumi and Ai share lines, they really sound like LinLin, don't you agree? It's... weird, but extremely nostalgic in a way XD

Also, the opening of the song sounds a lot like Berryz' Shining Power... I even sang the 'Shining, Shining, Shing Baby' a few times XD

Anyways, here are the screen caps...

Yankee Reina strikes back! And... Riho's a ghost!? Takahashi, too!


This creeped me out when I first saw it... o-O

Risa's gonna get Reina from behind... o-O

Anyways, go check out the PV below and thank the uploader for uploading it and sharing it with us all!


Monday, 29 August 2011

Sherlock, You Became Cuter! - Koi no Chousa Houkoko Sho PV Review!

As always, all of my opinions are my own! If you don't like my opinions for any reason, then I am sorry, but we are all entitled to our own opinions, so be good and have your own opinions too!

Previously I did a post on Milky-Holmes (Their name is SO weird...) regarding their mini-album, Colourful Garden, and also mentioned that I would be writing a review on the PV to the first track of this single. Well, here I am with another post to spam you all! So look forward to it! XD

Now let me start off with this: I woke up with this song in my head, and I am a Hydra when I wake up in the morning - so having this annoying tune (it can get fairly annoying, I assure you) in my head when I first open my eyes is not a good thing. It has been in my head all morning, actually, so I thought 'Yeah, gotta review it... urgh'. So here I am! I will be focusing on both the video and the song - what I like about it, why it annoys me and so on. So let's have some fun!

This one is a nice piece of Eye Candy

Now this is one Anime-fied song - Right down from the annoyingly cute voices to the costumes, this song is all about the Anime, and you really can tell. It's not just the feel of the song that makes me think 'ANIME OPENING!' - It is probably the voices and the over all silliness of the beat. It's lively, playful and extremely catchy. This is one of the highlights of the song; if it wasn't for the up beat and overall playful nature of the tune, I wouldn't bother looking up the anime at all or even caring about it. For me, the songs to an anime are incredibly important (especially for anime's like Kirarin Revolution or Mermaid Melody) so this is a good thing that the beat is so... Anime-like.

But it can also be extremely childish and overly annoying, and I hate it when a song gets so stuck into my head that I gain a headache from just thinking about it.

I dislike you somewhat more so than the others

Now a childish tune isn't that bad - it fits in with the playfulness that this song has, but the fact that these girls - who are teenagers, or maybe even young adults, put on extremely annoying, cutesy voices is what makes the childishness over the top and horribly headache worthy. I can't help but think 'Why?' when I hear three of these girls' voices, because it seriously reminds me of Shugo Chara Egg - and coincidentally enough, the pink, yellow and green one all sport high-pitched, cutesy voices and the blue one has a low voice...

Urgh, I dislike 4nin anime groups like this sometimes...

... And yet they are still strangely addicting...

Already, you are my favourite...

One thing that creates a childish atmosphere around this song is the repetitive, cheer-leader cry at the beginning that is 'Go For It, GoGoGo Milky' (or something along those lines) which is actually quite cute and really catchy. It makes me want to jump around and clap my hands in there... but I won't do that right now, because I'm blogging. Probably when no one's looking...

I will take note of the cute, and quite childish, input of the little one-liners like 'Nande Desu?' and the ever-so-cute 'Hari Hari!' that happens towards the end. Honestly, that Hari Hari has left such an impression on me! I will also express my liking for the lines where they basically cry out one after another quite quickly. This makes the song even more playful than it already is and I just... love to listen to it and copy them sometimes. It's weird, but this is what anime songs do to me...

Oh, I am such a dork... XD

She's probably my second favourite tied with Sherlock

I'm also in love with the amount of energy and friendliness this song exudes - it sounds exciting and extremely exhilarating in a way. It definitely makes me feel cheerful and energetic, which I think is what a happy anime song should do. If the characters are expressing their happiness through their song, then the person listening to it should feel it too. I guess this is why I love so many Anime songs - they leave such strong and positive impressions on me, and this one is no exception because it leaves me feeling rather happy, though sometimes annoyed, and rather fulfilled.

Now the PV is a rather colourful and fun affair, just like the song. All of the girls are cosplaying the characters that they represent, and they all look really cute and lively. You have the sweet and girlish leader, Sherlock (the pink one), then the tomboyish and energetic Nero (the yellow one), a Mature and elegant girl in the form of Hercule (the green one) and finally, the cute and playful girl that is Cordelia (my favourite, the blue one).

I think that each of these girls really are amazing in their own way - they have a knack for making the video fun and enjoyable to watch, without being too painfully cute that I want to spew rainbows.

Thank goodness for Cordelia's actress...

One of the things that I noticed the most through this video, though, was the amount of chemistry these girls have together - they really do seem like friends, and they show how close they are well. If they're acting, then I'm already fooled, because these girls look good together and act so well together. They really do look like they are having fun and that they enjoy spending time together, especially Cordelia. She seems to be the most active when invading personal space with the other girls, such as touching their cheeks (check out the above picture) or even going as far as to attempt to steal a kiss from Sherlock during the end of the PV.

These girls have a great chemistry - they don't look bored with each other, and it doesn't look like they are even acting like they're friends. It kinda reminds me of 4-nin S/mileage...

Oh no, I brought it up! DX

I think that the group and duo shots of these girls really shows off how well they work together - take the picture above, for instance. Those two girls look like they're really enjoying themselves, and it seems so natural for them in the video. They look like they're really good friends, like this is an everyday thing for them - it doesn't really feel like a PV, more like a friendly get together at your friends house and you've decided studying is far too boring, so you want to mess around a bit!

Wai so shocked?

Their close up shots are really nice - the girls aren't afraid to do silly things even when they aren't together, which makes the PV even more fun and cute! They all look really nice in their solo shots, and have awesome chemistry with the cameras. Seriously. This is eye candy for the anime fans.

Cordelia,Where art thou Cordelia?

See, not afraid to show their expressions.

Let's play squish the Leader!

I do love how deliriously happy they all seem, even when Sherlock is being crushed by Cordelia.

Please sort your teeth out...

Another playful thing about this song, other than how well the girls interact with each other by messing around and invading each others personal space, is the dance. It involves quite a bit of arm waving, clapping and running around. It is rather energetic and lively, and the smiles on the girls faces just make it look even more fun! I'm glad that there is leg movement as well as some Para Para in there, or else it would have been boring.

Within the dance shot we get a bit of cheer-leader type running on the spot whilst clapping their hands, with the can-can thrown in there too for added cuteness and some jumping about. My favourite scenes though are when the girls begin to sing and point whilst bobbing about, as well as the part where Hercule and Cordelia move up front and run rather hurriedly in a cute manner. I really like where they step from side to side in a bouncy manner during Hercule's slower solo line.

My eye candy...

This video really raises the bar on the cuteness factor - all of the girls look adorable and fit the character that they are portraying, and make this PV a lively and fun video to watch. It certainly brightened up the gloomy rainy day that I watched it on, and gave me a happy feeling it. The song and video are coupled so well, it's a happy marriage!

Yes, Cordelia! Please hog the spotlight! Bye Bye, Nero!

I honestly found myself so entranced by these girls that the background didn't really stand out when I first watched it - but taking in more of the video, you see that they actually only use one background which is a kitchen. We may see the girls in different spots, like the bench where they all sit together, and an open space where they dance, but it is all in the same place. I think that the people who produced the video did so well in using the whole room to its full advantage and making the girls stand out the way they did. If the background was far too distracting, then it would have taken away our focus on the girls, but thankfully, because the background is quite neutral, it creates a perfect balance in the amount of colour that these girls are wearing, and doesn't take away the attention that we give them.

Actually, if you really look at it, the room is extremely pretty and bright - it just really helps the girls to stand out more, which is what we want, right?

Okay, time to wrap this up. I am pretty sure all of you are sick of me by now, right?

Well there's still more to come, because I always have an 'Overall view' XD So stay there and read!

Overall this video REALLY fits this song. We get a great dose of happy, fun and energetic cosplaying girls as well as a burst of colour and a really nice anime song. These girls make the song fun to listen to, and they make the video really cute and energetic. Obviously they had their daily dose of red bull to set them off, or they managed to get some tips from Koharu Kusumi, because there is so much going on in this PV thanks to how friendly and lively they seem! It really sets me off and makes me want to watch anime so damned much. I get so high off of these sort of songs that its like my drug... damn, I love JPop so damned much!

No, Cordelia, Smooch ME!!!

The down point about this song (I love the PV, I see no fault in it... OKAY okay, I wish the chick in yellow was cuter) is that it can become annoying quite quickly - much like Koharu's Konnichi Pa (I can withstand most Koha songs, but that... NO!) and that it can get stuck in my head at the most stupid of all times, like say, in the morning, when I am at my crankiest? I also find it irritating that 3 out of the 4 girls have high voices, with two out of these three seeming to be putting it on more for the anime rather than because they have been stuck with that voice. Thank goodness for Cordelia's voice. I love it when at least one of them is lower than the rest - they always happen to be my favourite Saki, Akari... 

But regardless of how headache-worthy this song is, I still really like it - the fact that it gets stuck in my damned head is proof enough that I want to listen to it. I mean, come on, I've had it on a loop since I began writing this post - I may want to bash my head against the desk right now because it's become that little bit more annoying, but I promise you that I'll want to listen to it again in a few hours...

Okay, I'm ready to shut off the song now, but that doesn't mean you should! Go have a listen, watch the PV and choose your favourite character from this anime-unit. I promise you, you will find at least ONE of them cute, and hey - if you hate the song, at least you listened to it and gave it a chance, right?

But if you cannot handle this song, then don't go searching for Koharu Kusumi's Hell-song that is Konnichi Pa, kay?

Have fun watching guys!


PS This is probably one of their older songs for the anime, but its quite cute and I swear, I have heard this song somewhere before!

Sorry that I don't know the title, but I can't read Japanese characters...