Sunday, 31 July 2011

Short Cut - The Eripon Way!

So it came to my knowledge when trolling the Hello! Online forums that Mistress Pon was to get a short cut! :o Few thought it was a rumour, whilst many anticipated this change with welcoming hearts, wondering just how short Mistress Pon would cut her hair! Well, without further a due, here are the pictures that surfaced on the H!O Eripon boards!

Most likely taken from Chisato's blog... or most definitely? <3 Whatever, it's a cute two-shot!

A cute shot of Eripon with her short cut! The energetic Mistress Pon looks lovely!~

Gracing us with another cute two-shot, we see Fuku-hime and lovely Mistress Pon together, both showing beautiful smiles <3

From the back, we see Mistress Pon's lovely hair.

I like the short cut! For some (like my sister) it may be a shock to them, and sad as well as her hair is now gone, but I really like this change that Eripon has made! I say thanks to all the H!P staff and members who suggested she get it, because without them saying 'it will look good on you' she might not have done it!

I can't wait for official pictures to come out of Eripon with styled hair, because this look is great on her! It matures her a little, but it looks just beautiful!

I have to say, she suits the short cut better than Gaki-sama! Dx

I am now going to anticipate the chin-length Eripon bob >3<


Goodbye, cute Eripon pigtails! We shall miss you! <3

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