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My Days For You - Simplicity at its best~

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Mano Erina's 10th Single, My Days For You brings back the simplicity that once reigned before CGI appeared and dominated the centre stage. Now the 20 year old soloist is back with a beautiful ballad about love and spending your days together.

When I first heard this song I immediately fell in love with it. The calm melody is so appealing, and so different to what Mano Erina usually produces, so I was surprised by this ballad, considering Seishun no Serenade was the single before this. Regardless, this song is absolutely beautiful, and the PV matches it perfectly. This is probably one of my favourite PV's since Kikkake wa YOU!

We open with scenery, something extremely simple but so beautiful... I love this PV already...

One of the first close up shots that we get of Mano singing is her on a bus - there isn't actually much lip-synching in this if you really think about it, most of the shots compiled in this PV are of Mano walking around, taking pictures and looking at different locations.

We will get a lot of these beautiful shots, people~

Mano stares at the camera so few times in this, most of the time she's on the bus when she looks directly into the camera, but on the rare moments we see her singing, she looks just as stunning as she does when she's stood still and staring.

Another reason why this PV is absolute love; long shots! YAY!

The shots where she has her camera are a really nice touch. It gives a more 'real' feeling to the entire PV for me.

Smile~ I love her smile~

Another long-shot pose here. This is a really nice pose, too. I like that they tried different places for Mano in this PV. It adds an artistic, photographic touch to the song.

A close up of Mano's hands - awww, so cute, right? Or is it just me?

See? Not even looking at the camera and it's STILL as gorgeous as it would be if she had looked at the camera.

I really think that this should have been the cover of the single, because seriously - it's a nice picture, and so pretty. It looks completely natural, too.

This is one of my favourite scenes. It's just nice.

Solemn Mano is really nice to see. I love her smile and all, but when she looks like this... she's pretty stunning.

This is another favourite scene - probably because it's far away as well, like we're people watchers, and we're watching Mano-chan...

This shot makes me feel like I am going to start climbing those stairs. The angle just makes it seem like that.

Lovely Mano checking her pictures~

See? Another long shot where we see pretty much just her back. It's a really nice touch.

I like these sorts of scenes within the PV where we get to see other people who aren't Eggs or just Mano herself. It's really nice to see this sort of normality in a PV.

That... smile... -shot with happiness-

-love these shots, as you already know-

This is a really nice Model-like shot that I adore <3

Going back to one of the beginning shots of this incredible PV.

Riverside view - I really liked that version of the PV, too.

More of our photographer, Mano Erina!

I think that these shots were beautiful. It's just nice to see her strolling along at a steady pace with people in the background as the sun shines...

This is a nice shot, too. Hand on heart <3

Another beautiful shot of Mano's lovely smile <3

The last lip-synching scene, and yes, it's gorgeous ;D

I love how it's now close to the evening in the last few shots, you can just tell with how the colour of the sun is - or just by the glow on her hair from the sun... xD

Though this is fairly bright...

YAY ! The shell is back!

The last image of Erina in the entire PV as she watches the sun set in a solemn silence...

And so we end the PV with a beautiful still shot of the beginning of the PV, but in a warmer hue due to the sun setting.

Overall, as you have probably guessed, I LIKE THIS PV! <3

I am a BIG fan of simple things, especially PV's. Heck, my favourite Morning Musume PV (as you might know) is Seishun Collection - one of the simplest PV's I have seen from MoMosu since their earlier ones. So for this to become one of my favourite PV's was pretty obvious... to me, at least.

Seriously, I love everything about it. From the simple bus scene, to the riverside view and the balcony or artistic structure views. It just adds this wonderful feeling to the PV, like you're either walking behind her or beside her, or just plain old people watching her. It's a fantastic PV, and it really delivers the song. I don't think that the directors could have chosen a better way to portray this song, because seriously, this PV acts out this song so well!

Another thing I obviously like about the video is the fact that Mano has a camera with her, like she's just on a day out taking pictures. I especially like the scene where it looks like she's just spotted the cameraman as she holds onto her camera.

SO my overall opinion?

This is a beautiful song that was teamed with an equally beautiful PV. Everything you need is there, and you get some great shots of both Mano and the sceneary around her, because this PV is not just about Mano Erina - it's about what she's doing and seeing, and I love that it isn't solely focused on her. I think that this song (and video) are a great way to introduce Mano Erina as an adult in the Entertainment industry.

I also absolutely adore all the long-shots that they have used - it gives the video more of a people-watching feeling as well as a photographic sort of feeling - throughout most of the scenes I thought that it looked like Mano was posing for the camera, as if she was on a shoot. This video is basically one lovely shoot with music added in there.

One thing I really appreciate about this PV is that there was no use for CGI - I've been seeing CGI from Morning Musume, Berryz, C-ute and S/mileage far too much, so seeing Mano with a fresh, outdoor scene change from everyone else was welcomed pleasantly.

SO, now that you've read a very happy, love-filled review for this PV and song (with a few repetitive sentences chucked in, too) please feel free to go and check out the video for yourself and see if you too are taken in by the sheer simplicity that Mano Erina has brought to our tables!

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