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Chiima's Top 5 Japanese Summer Songs! Because Britain has Zero Sun

All opinions regarding PVs, the Summer and Britain are thoughts of my own. Don't take any offense, because seriously, we all have opinions, so if you don't like mine, GTFO of my blog! Also, swearing may appear. Gomen~~~~ NE >D

Okay! So obviously, Summer is here! Well... not for us Brits! We had summer waaaaaaaay way back in April. Yeah, that's how backwards our fucking system is >.> OH sorry for the profanity... >.> I just hate this country a little ^o^ Not cos of the weather... the government... I can't WAIT for a job and a nice passport... >.> aye aye AYE!

ANYWAYS continuing... so what to do when you don't have a summer, and you're a fan of Japanese music and do nothing else but sit on your ass all day? You listen to summery Jpop songs that have just come out! And then you make a list of your Top 5!!!!

Wait... I don't have 5... >.> Crap... Oh well! Let's make some UP >D

Anyways, fair warning; I have branched out of the H!P box a little and gone for some things that definitely are NOT Hello! Pro related! :3

SO let's start!

Numero 5!

Pareo wa Emerald By SKE48

As I said before, I have branched out from the H!P box and I have opened up to other groups that originally, I did not like. Most notably AKB48. Obviously Pareo wa Emerald is the song to AKB's sister group, SKE48, who personally I like a lot more, even if their songs are just as generic and predictable as AKB's.

What I liked about this song is the fact that the more you listen to it, the better it gets. You listen to it once, it's not memorable, listen to it twice, a little bit more memorable, then a few more times and you're pretty much loving it. Though the part that stuck to me was the DDR-like instrumental during the beginning and middle. The rest of it is a bit meh, but you learn to like it more with each listen.

This is a pretty recent song, so if you haven't checked it out you definitely should try it. Again, it's pretty generic in terms of vocals, instrumental, PV and summery theme from AKB and its sister groups. And by that I mean the Bikini's, story line of one girl being left out by the others (unintentionally I guess?) and dancing on the beach.

 Ah, generic AKB... Gotta love it, I guess.
I seriously wanna decipher the writing on the that ledge!

It can get kinda boring if you're a fan of AKB/SKE, unless you're dedicated of course, but considering I ignore most of AKB because of how boring their songs are (yep, I really don't like most of their songs cos of how boring they can be) I find this PV nice, but still generic cos I know what AKB are like, and a little unoriginal concept wise. Seriously, Akimoto, summer doesn't mean bikini's and the beach, so stop shoving their bikini'd boobs in our faces! >.>

Okay none the less, I like this song... >.> Damned catchy...

Number 4!

Genki Pika Pika By Morning Musume!

Okay so we have a sneaky H!P one thrown in here, and of course it has to be Morning Musume! Why is it so low on my list? Because I actually don't find this as genki as I used to! Back when it came out, I adored this song and wouldn't stop listening to it! I still love it lots, and I think that it's great for summer, which is why it's in here!

What I do love about this song is the fact that you can hear just how happy all of the girls are! It's really enlightening, and it does make you want to dance a lot as well, especially on the beach. Actually, when I think of this song, I think of the beach and listening to this sort of song on that very beach. It's quite soothing to think of that! Haha <3

Now what is so 'refreshing' about this song is the PV. And I know, I know, I just went on a little 'it's generic' rant about the SKE PV, but if you think about it in terms of Morning Musume, it's different, it's new, it is refreshing, because how many PV's are out there that have Morning Musume in bikini's? What, what was that you said? None? Thank You.
 But what I definitely love the most about this PV is how friendly everything is, and how random it can be! When there are close up shots of the members, you can see clearly in the background what some of the other members are doing, like little dances or ruffling each others hair, or trying to get in on the close up! It's all just lovely to see how they are around each other.

They assure us that dancing on the sand is not an easy task
Chu love it, don't-cha?

Ah, another thing I like in this PV - how the dancing isn't perfect, how they can be out of sync because of that damned sand... it's nice to see that it isn't so overly rehearsed like the AKB ones are. OH! And EPIC group poses FTW!!

Damned Winky looks funneh xD
Haha Ai we can barely see you...!
Winky stop smacking Kamei in the face!

Okay I am regretting putting this so low >.< Now I remember why I love this song! It. Is. EPIC!!!!!! *o*

 Numbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer 3!!!

Mujouken Koufuku By Idoling!!!

DAMN this song be catchy!

This is one of my favourite Idoling!!! songs for the pure fact that yes, it is overly catchy, and it is the sort of song where I randomly throw my arms in the air and wave them around during certain parts of the chorus. This song is seriously cute, and when you hear the singers, you just can't believe how smooth they sound together! I don't know why I used 'smooth' as a word to describe how they sound together xD But that's the best way to phrase their voices as an entire group~

I just really adore this song - I can really imagine myself sun bathing in the garden, or reading, as the sun blares down at me! This will be blasting out of my headphones, and I will want to get up and dance on the grass or sip on a cola or something! This just seems like a summer-garden party song in a way. It's fun and quirky, and makes you want to move a little instead of laying there, catching the rays like the boring person we all can be!

NOW, let's move onto the PV. What I love about it is the different clothes they are all wearing - okay, we have returned to the Bikini's, but not all of them are wearing bikini's - some have tank tops and shorts, others have the bikini and sarong, miniskirts, sleeveless hoodies etc etc - there's a lot of differentiation in there. But what gets me all the time with this PV is how happy everyone seems - there are big smiles on their faces when they dance, so you can tell that they really enjoy this.

I love the beginning, it seriously sounds like CONGA TIME 8D
And now some crazy jumping!

So to top this off, I love this song because it's some how soothing but also up-beat, and it really gets you worked up and makes you want to dance! It's a great summery song (to me) and the PV is just fun and love <3 It's simple, it works, it gets the job done, and that is why I love it.

Sadly, bikini's are too in for summer ;o;

Chu~Chu~Chu~Chu Chu Chu Chu ChuChuChu Chu TWO!

Momoiro Sparkling By C-ute

Okay, so what would be Top 5 list without a bit of C-uteness thrown in there, hm? And if it's a summer song, then Momoiro Sparkling definitely has to wiggle its way into the mix, and it has made number 2 on my list! HURRAH! 8U

I love this song - it has a light, cute feel to it and delivers a good amount of energy towards the listeners and viewers. The group parts are just epic, and it's such a fun song that you can't help but love the sugary awesomeness of it all! >3<

The PV is also something I love a lot - it's simple, and shows you that summer is NOT about bikini's and boobies >.> We see summer taken to a whole new level of decency with THIS PV, because the girls are all wearing bright, cute clothes which are in fact appropriate for summer and still nice to look at. A lot of thought was put into those costumes, and they really fit the fun, summery theme that C-ute is trying to portray through this song.

Also, there is a lot going on in the PV - other than CGI bubbles, that is. There are close ups with water guns, plastic balls (lol) being thrown at the girls to add more colour, bubblegum pink backgrounds, peachy skies with clouds and a checkerboard, volleyball - there is a lot going on in this PV, and it can seem quite busy to some, but it seems really organised to me as well as fun and it makes me want to play outside! Tjough I can't, cos the British weather SUCKS!

Dayumn those poses and those sexay biznitches <3
OMFG FLYING BALLS <3 Spread those arms, Chisa, SPREAD THOSE ARMS!
Voll-AYE-balls, anyone?

So yeah, I love this song and the PV. It's a perfect match, and it also proves that BIKINI'S AREN'T THE ONLY WAY TO GO FOR SUMMER >(

Modesty, betches! Omfg BALLS! <3

okay SO we've had SKE, we've had Morning Musume, Idoling!!! and Balls C-ute power! So out of all these songs, which one has topped my Summer list?

Well, read on to find out BALLS <3

Numbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur 1 is the Best! It Fookin' beat the REST!

Okay, so other than the really badly acted out, and overly done facial expressiones, opening to this PV, I really like the song and the K-pop influence it has. Considering that K-pop is popular in Japan right now, I am surprised that 9nine has brought it to their plate instead of a heavily popular group like AKB or Morning Musume. Either way, they pulled it off epically, and will probably get noticed because of their chance to use the K-pop type of style in their summer song.

Now to say that this is a TOTAL summer song is kind of too much - it's not, but you can see a speck of summer in there, mostly in the PV actually. (which is where they has CLOTHES! NOT DAMNED FARKING BIKINIS D:<) I mean they have summery clothes (pastel colours, ice creams to sing in, lovely drinks, EPIC LIGHTING) and close-ups which look airy and fun.

One thing that I definitely love about the PV is the constant costume changes, especially during the Piano-floored room dance shot that they have going on there. It's a really nice use of stop-motion, and gives us a good dance shot view as well. I also love the amount of costumes that these girls wear! They're all perfect for summer, and extremely cute! >3<

I love this PV and song A LOT. There's a good amount of attitude in it, and by watching the PV you get this summer feel to it even if it ISN'T placed on the beach or in a backyard. Just by using simple props like ice cream cones as their mics, you feel like you're listening to, and watching, a summer themed song. From the K-pop influence to the cute outfits, this PV is really something that makes 9nine shine.

Where'd the other chic go? Meh...
I seriously love the pastels! Extremely summery <3
Costume changes = CUTE!
Epic K-pop style dance sequence

So YES, I love this song - which is why it is in my top 5 and also the reason why it won. It has an awesome K-pop influence (and I don't really listen to K-pop!) with an awesome dance, wonderful costumes and beautiful girls to go with it. Heck, despite the lack of a beach, (Momoiro Sparkling also lacks the beach, and it's still awesome) no bikini-clad girls (9nine are idolised by highschoolers, not old men coughAKBcough ) and is the sort of song that you would dance to for the fun of it in the streets, at a party, one the beach or in your yard! This is a lovely song, even if it isn't as summery as the other ones - it's summery enough for me!


Man, I can't wait for ViVi Natsu! Even if PASSPO did decide to take the bloody bikini approach >.>

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