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Chiima's Happy Love Syndrome PV/Song Favourites of July!

Dude, wouldn't 'Happy Love Syndrome' be a cute song title for C-ute, S/mileage or Morning Musume? No? Well I think it would so I honestly don't care for your opinion! XD

Hiiiya! I am Chiima and today is officially the last day of July here in England! And facking aye, it's SUNNY? Bloomin' 'eck, it comes out for the last day of July >.> Stoopid weather... Oh well, I had ice cream today and stood around outside as well, then sat back on my butt to trollz the internetsz lawl lawl.

Anyway, I better shut up now, you're not here to listen/read about my day, are you? HECK NAW, you're here to see what farkin PV's and songs I has been lovin' this July. Good thing too, cos I've been liking/digging a few that I was surprised I enjoyed xD namely an AKE one (you know which one!) that is STUCK IN MY HEAD 8D 8D


BTW this is no specific order, just whatever order I want them to be in :F

Hetappi Winku

I can't be bothered to learn the fooking name for this group so Ima call it Chinny's Winky Minions for now until I can be bothered to learn their group name >.>

Anyways when this song came out I listened. I actually like this group, ever since I heard their rendition of 'Valentines Kiss' - which is still the only version of that song I have heard - and fell for their chipmunked charms. I swear, though, if I sing this I will have a bloody headache. I did with Valentines Kiss because of the squeak-o-meter, so I won't be surprised if it happens with this song. It sounds painful to sing and listen to at the same time... >.> Did they get headaches?

As well as the cute song, the PV's real sweet too. Chinny-sama realises that she FAIHLS when she winks and so sets to practice until she can do it! But as she practices, she sits back and watches as her fellow team members better her and wink like they be Pro's! Oh my, I half expected her to get off her touché and slap them silly for upstaging her! She's the damned front gurl, you don't show her up, ladehs! -bitch slap, BITCH SLAP!-

Okay, I wasn't really expecting that... but it woulda been cool, right? No? Shut up >.>

Going on, I like the end of the PV where she gives you this 'I can f**king DO THIS!' smile, like she's all confident and knows she's gonna beat those bitches when she winks.

I'm the mother F**king Princess!

Then you LAWL when she pulls this face after failing:

OMFG I FAIHL!!!!! (;______;)

Poor Chinny-sama... >.> LAWL FAIHL!

Y'know, you'd think that the AKB man would send in a Professional to teach this girl how to wink, right?

Yeah... let's teach that Bitch how to wink, Winky!

Winky, you're in your element!

Teach her well <3

Uchoten LOVE

Uchoten Love, Presented by Hinoi Team S/mileage!

What d'you get when Tsunku smokes some crack and thinks of S/mileage?


Okay not crack... but something so good that he came up with this AWESOME song!

I fuckin' LOVE S/mileage, I think they're awesome - the only one I don't like is Dawa, cos she just annoys me, and she can't sing :/ Neither can Maeda Yuuka, but she's not as bad as Dawa when it comes to being squeaky... urgh >.>

Anyway, the reason why I love this crack-infused pop-disco-beat kinda song is cos it freakin' reminds me of Hinoi Team! And I love Hinoi Team... or loved, dunno which one it is, I'll tune into their songs once in a while... but whatever, it still reminds me of Hinoi Team, which is always good because it means that S/mileage are still trying out CRAZEH new things which makes them all the more awesome.

I wish that MoMosu would do this ;o; OH WELL >.>

Other than the song, the PV is a mass of colour and randomness. We have PuriKura, Dancing in a disco place with a balloon-infested disco globe, a school set, some balloon love and some sparkly CGI which kinda bitch slaps Ai no Dangans shit excuse for a PV which also had the same amount of heart, sparkly CGI xD

Facking EPIC!

You'd be epic if the PV wasn't FAIL D<

I feel that H!P learnt from their mistakes ^o^ coughAINODANGANcough!

My Days For You

Bet you knew this would be here, right? GOOD, because it is, whether you like it or not!

I have been a little more than obsessed with this song since I watched the Riverside version of the PV, and this has made me a bigger Mano Erina fan thanks to the song itself. It's incredibly soothing and the most beautiful freakin' song and PV out of all the H!P releases so far, it definitely tops Kikkawa Yuu's debut single for me. And that was one of my favourite songs back when it came out, with ONLY YOU being frekain' second! But no, this song is BETTER! I can't even remember the tune to Kikkawa's song now >.>

Anyway, as you know, I love the PV and this song for the simplicity and the absolute gorgeousness of the scenery and such./ It's just an epic blend, and Mano seriously delivers for this song,l so BRAVA!

Don't look sad, you beat Kikka in my books! ;o;

Pareo wa Emerald

Yeah you knew this would be here, too. I love this song, not as much as My Days For You, but it is there in the top sitting with Mano.

I love the colours in this PV! It's like AKB man threw a load of rainbow bikini's at them and told the girls that's what they had to wear, with greeny-blue Pareo's as the main focus. The bikini's are really cute and bright and summery (duh, Bikini's >.>) and even though I get kinda sick of bikini's, this PV is alright >3<

Seriously though, this PV barfs summer. But it's a predictable AKB kinda PV, so it is also annoying as well as nice when I watch it. I can't help but think 'AK-fucking-B' throughout it, and pin point what is so AKB about it. Much like the girl in red who no one likes and then she jumps off the cliff - OH LOOK FRIENDS 8D - suicidal thoughts gained her friendies ^o^ Yaaaaay -sarcastic clapping-

But one thing bugs me about this PV - why are all the boys Americans? Okay I get that this was shot in Hawaii, but everyone barring the SKE members are white/American/HawaiinAmerican - it styumps me. Are the AKB girls the only Japanese girls there? Because I know for sure that Hawaii is home to Asian people as well as American-y looking people, just saying...

Dude, I have found my new favourite!

Strippers!? In SKE? How AKB of you >:O

Momoiro Sparkling



Okay I love this song because of how overly pink and C-ute it is >3< That's probably the only reason... OH and Chisato ;D She makes this PV better than what it would have been if Airi was the freakin' main singer >.> Luckily the chose the best singer for this song ^o^

Oh <3 and BALLS!

Lots and LOTS of BALLS!

Can't you tell I don't give a flying fook about what I'm writing about anymore? I can!

OKAY so I will conclude this now, because I cannot be bothered to post about Natsu Wanna Say Love U even though I LOVE the entire single! I'm too tired to care and I have work to get to, so let us hope that this suffices, OKAY?


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