Monday, 1 August 2011

Ai no Dangan - Bullet Spam!

All views on this PV are my own. If I in any way offend you, then GTFO of my blog! This is MY opinion, of which I am totally entitled to. If you disagree with anything I say, BLEH, I disagree with YOU! So go away innocent minds, because Ima swear and curse and pervy here... BYE! >D

Okay so I have to learn Ai no Dangan for one of the dubbing groups I am in, and I went over to the PV cos' I aint downloading a song I barely listen to, despite it being a good song, so I was playing it and the laptop became a DOUSCHE BAG and crashed... and also crashed on two pretty funny caps which I got. So then I capped a few more of these funny scenes which can be perverted if you have the right sort of mind set at the time xD SO here are the random caps.

Don't expect a review - I was originally gonna do one about how CRAP this PV is but then I just went MEH and snored away. I hate this PV, but the caps that come out of it are awesome! LAWL >D So yeah, here ya go, a random cap-spam :3

Hip thrusts, face touching, random... Captain moments... yeah...

Ah, Chinami, I see you've been taking tips from your senpai, Ri-Suck-Oh! ;) You're getting there

Dude, is it just me, or does Momoko have a FAT ASS?

Practicing again, Chinami? Good girl ;)

Oh look, it's Ri-Suck-Oh!

Showin' us your Lady Lumps, Ri-Suck-Oh!

I know Chinami, I hate this PV too...

Momoko, lay OFF the sauce! Cheesus Ripes!

Yeah... I feel like I'm ready to hurl when I hear Momoko's voice, too.

I see you have also been taking lessons from Ri-Suck-Oh! senpai, hm Momoko? Or maybe you're just like this always?

What the Fuck is Momoko doing!?

Yeah, I know Chinami. I feel like the walking dead after watching this PV, too :/

Oh finally! The dance of the Arses is over! YAAAAY!

Okay... so maybe they're not that funny... but I thought they were! XD And that is ALLLLLLLLLL that counts!

See ya! MWAH!

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