Saturday, 18 June 2011


So I was pretty happy waking up today, because I went downstairs to find a package waiting for me >D and what was inside that package, you may ask? Well, just read the title...


I was lucky enough to order this when they were doing the First Press Release Editions on CDJapan with an external Bonus of a B3 Poster, so I went for it, despite becoming poor! But it seems that I will be buying most singles now that have 9th Gen in, because I bought Maji Desu Ka Ska! Limited D on Ebay... but this one, I have officially bought on CDJapan xD

So I bought Limited B. I like the cover, but it was actually the only one that was Limited on CDJapan at the time, and I didn't want a Regular Edition... Thankfully, it shipped 2 days before the actual release date for the single and arrived in 5days! That's with normal P&P!

The box I received my free Poster and CD in was a bit bashed up, but I blame the British postal service... they seriously are douches...

I really love the CD's... they're really pretty and well decorated, kinda different to the Maji Desu Ka Ska! ones... then again, my Maji Desu Ka Ska! is a Taiwanese release, and not Japanese >.>

Ah, if you're wondering, I got the Close Up version... I tried screen-capping because some of the close ups are really awesome to look at, but in the end I couldn't, so boo...

Concerning the Close-Up version, I really think that both Riho and Reina didn't live up to what I expected them to. I wasn't surprised with Riho, because she was already boring the main PV, but she seemed to work better in the Close Up version than in the actual PV. Reina, however, bored me. She looks very pretty, don't get me wrong, but... well, she's just boring :/

Now I think that Zukki did a great job with acting serious, but it doesn't suit her! And for Ikuta, she looks stunning! She isn't shown enough in the PV, and it's apparent that she is shown the least, which isn't fair on her because she needs a chance too... >.>

Fukumura is just LOVELY in the PV, and so is Aika. they both look rather mesmerising in their own ways, but for me, they stole the PV. I think that out of everyone, they stood out the most. They even beat Gaki in my opinion.

Now, Gaki looks gorgeous here. I have to say that in this PV, she is a stunner, and easily beats everyone else in the looks department. However, I found her kinda meh in the close up, but she wasn't boring like Reina or Riho. She threw in a lot of 'come hither' eyes and sexy looks to entertain me, but in the PV she has so much more POW! which translates so well in the video, but in a close up version, it doesn't show as much, which is sad :(

Now Takahashi is awesome anyway, we all know that, but her movements and her beauty... well, if I wasn't already fangirling over Fukumura and Aika, who in my opinion own this close up, then I would say that she won first place. However, she has the natural talent and the beauty to capture you in this PV, and she's wonderful!

Sayumi... well, she's fine, but I didn't really notice her unless she was touching her neck and flicking her eyes up to try and give a 'sexy' look, which only Gaki pulled off >D

NOW my favourite part of this CD is undeniably the B-side. Something about this song is like Crack. I love it. I want more... MORE >D

SO! Why don't you guys buy one, too!? CRACK SONG!!!! <3

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Yappa Seishun - The Budget Break-Do-ow-ow-own

All opinions of this PV and song are of my own thoughts. In no way do I mean to offend anyone. All I want to do is review a PV I have watched so that you can read my thoughts, and look at the pictures I am going to spam you with. Thank you.

Former Hello! Project Egg, ex-Milky Way member and new Anime Soloist Kitahara Syaka is the voice actress for Inazuma 11 Go character Sorano Aoi as well as the singer for the Ending theme.

When this PV was uploaded, people were already aware that the PV was low budget from the preview, and a lot of people lost interest at that point in time, with some staying only for Yoshizawa Hitomi's appearence. And I can totally understand that, because seriously, this PV is low budget, but it's the sort of low budget that has a lot of charm to it, and it's quite refreshing to see something so sweetly simplistic. I haven't seen this wonderful simplicity since Seishun Collection, one of my all time favourite PV's.

I'd also like to note that this isn't the first PV that's been so noticeably low budget since the beginning of Hello! Project, because even now they're still churning out the cheapness in forms of:

Urgh. Seriously. I do wonder how people even have the balls to say that Yappa Seishun is utter crap when Ai no Dangan is on the face of the Earth.

OH and there's this one too:

And this one here!

No matter where you look, there are pretty cheaply made PV's hanging around, some worse than others, and some greater than the rest! If you look back at older PV's, like Furusato or Morning Coffee, you're gonna see the extreme simplicity of each one, but you'll still think they're great because they ARE! OR you can go watch Ai no Dangan and witness the catastrophe of splurging all or most of your budget on the costumes which are so tacky they hurt. See, there are two ways of making a low budget PV work, and Ai no Dangan is not one of them.

So I think that people should give this PV a chance, and you never know, you could like it, but maybe you won't like it. Either way, you're gonna have to watch it to find out... or at least view my pic spam to take a look at what's inside this bundle of simplicity~

The opening sequence is really quite cute, very anime-ish... but that's to be expected, considering this PV is for an anime!

This dress is seriously pretty, very Idol-like, and really... OH-MA-OJAY!!!!

 Inazuma 11 Go stole the Koi Kana Dress!!! ZOMFG tmKNJIKSNKAWDNKSNSKJNDKSANJDNKJSNJ YES!!!!!!!

... *coughs* sorry... about that...

Sayaka: "Mwahahahaha!"

One of the first (of about 2?) close up shots is this one, which is in front of a sky background (duh), one which is also just as familiar as that dress...

Facking AYE they're seriously recycling the Kirarin Revolution stuff, aren't they? Aye, Sayaka, I see you still have connections ;D very good ones... ._.

OKAY, after that we back away from Sayaka and the screen and find... the studio? I guess this is the reason why people think this is seriously low budget?

She knows how to punch! Don't diss the PV!

OMYAY! One thing that I love in this is the amount of sporty costume changes, despite the fact that this song is for a soccar based anime and not an all around sports one...

Mysterious Voice: "Why are you kicking balls around the studio!?"

Sayaka: "Oh Ma OJAY!" Inner thoughts: "Wasn't this place derelict...?"
Sayaka trespasses now? >.>

And so enters the Bad-assery of this PV in the form of: Yoshizawa Hitomi, starring as: The Coach!

Sayaka: "Iyaaa, nooo!"

Coach Yossie: "I will make you burn! Sweat! Work!"

Sayaka: "This is MY PV, I am the star! Fear the Poof of the dress!"

Sayaka: "... And kiss my ring!"

I really like this close up snap xD

Now that Sayaka has become an awesome football/soccar player all in the space of 5 seconds...

Coach Yossie: "To the Premierships!"

Coach Yossie: "I will BREAK you! Sweat! SWEEAT!" *bangs stick madly to showcase anger and awesomnosity*

Coach Yossie: "I SAID SWEAT, DAMNIT!" *throws stick to ground*

When Sayaka finally sweats, Yossie looks on in absolute awe and amazement...


Sayaka fails at volleyball...

Coach Yossie: *from sidelines* "Fail! FAAAAIIIL!" 

Sayaka: "Mou..."

Coach Yossie: "If you don't get this right, Ima whip ya!"

Sayaka looks seriously sweet like this... :3

Coach Yossie: "OI! Stop lookin' all sweet over thar'! Ima Whip you GOOD!"

Sayaka: "Tee~Hee~ Who, me?"

Awww... sullen little Sayaka :(

Coach Yossie: "... I rule."

Yes you do! <3

OMFG best. Damned. Smile. of. this. PV.

Wait... this one...

Wait, no... this one...

ALL OF THEM! Damned cuteness ._.

Coach Yossie: "Move it,. move it! Feel the BUUUURN!"

Coach Yossie: "I can't hear you SIZZLE! NOW BURN!"

Sayaka: "Gyyyyurn!!!" *begins to sizzle as she burns*

Sayaka: "..." *nervous smile*

Sayaka: "I'm so damned cute!"

You are!

That smile!!!!! <3

OMFGEE, Kung Fu Yossie! Move outta the way Jack Black, Yossie is in da house! HIYA!

Sayaka, you have a good reason to look a little scared...

.. O_O ERINA!?

She looks like Ikuta Erina! Seriously!

Erm... random step-shuffle-step?

LAWL concentration face FTW!

And that's a punched-in-the-gut face.

... Sayaka, you're not even trying! Even Yossie can see that!

And you can see the triumph in Coach Yossie's eyes...


Yes, point at the camera man...

Tennis-cosplay Sayaka is rather... smexy? Yummy? Mhhhmm~ful?

Pervy Yossie smile... for seriousness ._. and where are her hands going!? DON'T GO SOUTH, OR NORTH!!!! OR WEST OR EAST FOR THAT MATTER!

Sayaka: "Erm, coach? Where are your hands..."
Coach Yossie: "Be QUIET Sayaka!"
Sayaka: "!!!!"

Sayaka: "Yaaa!"

Is it just me, or does it look like Yossie is all God-like in a way?

Coach Yossie: "If you don't FARKING get this hit, I will CUT you like there's no tomorrow!"

Coach Yossie: "So, betch, can you handle the burn? Can you HANDLE the BUUURN!?"

Sayaka: "I... I can hit it..."

Sayaka: "!!!"

Coach Yossie: "I said CAN YOU FEEL THE BURN!?"

Coach Yossie: "Do you WANT to go home bleeding and without dinner tonight? DO YA!?"

Sayaka: "It's almost the end of this video! I can do it! I KNOW I can!"

Coach Yossie: "That's right... feel the burn... let the power escape... and go home with your skin in tact."

Sayaka: "WHAAAAT THE F------!"

Coach Yossie: "---ck! She did it!!!! She FARKING DID IT!"

This is one epic Yossie face xD

Victory is Sayaka's!

Coach Yossie: "And that's how it's done, betch."
Sayaka: "Yes!"

One last beautiful close up shot...

And we end with a full body shot with the studio in place!

The End~

Well... not really xD

Okay, so to top it all off, I like both the PV and the song, despite what you might say about the cheap simplicity of it. I like this cheap simplicity, it's sort of charming in its own way, and I think that this is a really good start for Sayaka as she begins her Anime-soloist career.

So, do you want to know any of my other thoughts on this? GOOD! Because you're gonna get them, no matter how much you don't want me to write them~


For an anime PV, this is pretty much what I was expecting. I can't see how people can seriously expect Sayaka to have a great, high budget PV when she's only an Anime soloist. Koharu didn't start off with a lot of budget when she was a voice actress, because that's all she was - A voice actress! Unless Sayaka becomes as popular as Koharu or Buono! did, then I don't see the budget getting much higher for any future songs she might bring out in the near future. Anime soloists will not get sparklingly high budget PV's unless they have a really strong fanbase who they need to cater to, and right now Sayaka has only just begun, so unless she gets high sales for this single, we're gonna have to put up with what we have right now.

OKAY, onto the PV layout. I really really DO like it. I am a sucker for simplicity, hence why I love Sishun Collection's PV, but I think that Sayaka and Yossie really DO make this PV what it is. They make it look cute and quite funny with the amount of facial expressions they use, and the costumes are a nice touch, giving this girly-ish song a more boyish, sporty feeling to it,. I think that the sports tie in well with the anime as well, which is always a bonus for the fans. I like the added cuteness of the dress she wears for the dance version (if you can call it that) as well as the casual clothes she is wearing for the alternate dance version. In all of her costumes, she looks really cute, but mature as well. Sayaka has really bloomed, and she's become a more mature girl than who she was when she was a part of Milky Way.

Now, one thing that I have to say I don't really like within the PV is the dance shot - there's nothing going on there! Okay, she's moving her arms and upper body a lot, but her legs aren't working much, unless you count her shuffle-step-shuffle-step thing going on. There is pretty much no point in that 'dance' whatsoever, which is where the budget was probably at its lowest... or maybe another dance just didn't fit the song?

NOW, onto the song itself - upon hearing it the first time, it is not a memorable song. A few listens later, and you will probably remember a little bit of the beat and a 'Yappa SEISHUN!', but other than that, it's a very basic anime-esque song which you seem to find everywhere. It's not that up-beat, but it's cute and it does well for the anime and the child fanbase it is aimed at. Overall, I really do like it and it has become a favourite of mine next to Kikakke wa YOU and Only You.

So, all in all, to wrap this post up, I do like it all. Yossie and Sayaka make a great team and are really great actresses for this PV. They look great together and, even if their acting was sometimes a little cheesey, it's a great start for Sayaka in her solo career as well as great for Yossie to be back in PV's, because she's just awesome. It's also nice that Sayaka can cater to the female population of the Inazuma 11 fans as well as give the anime a more feminine touch, as well as showing that boys and girls can play sports together equally. 

I'm glad that Sayaka is back on the anime scene, and hopefully some of the Kirarin fans will recognise her and jump on board the Inazuma 11 train.

That's all for now~ PEACE!