Monday, 23 May 2011

I Thoroughly Dislike the Riho Fans

 Okay it's BITCH AND MOAN TIME! And yeah I haven't been blogging for a while but that's cos I'm lazy and what not :/

SO YEAH there is a reason why I so wonderfully nicknamed this post as 'I Thoroughly Dislike Riho Fans'. And if you don't know who the heck Riho is then you've been living somewhere where there is no internet and just a rock. Go bash your head on that rock for not knowing who Riho is when you're on a farking Morning Musume fan-blog :/

This is Sayashi Riho. Now, I actually am not a fan of this girl - I'm more a fan of another 9th Gen girl (okay two of them >.>) but I have nothing against her at all. She's a great dancer, I will give her that, in fact she's the best bloody dancer in the 9th Gen, best dancer next to Takahashi Ai! No one beats Captain though ;D

ANYWAY BACK ON TOPIC! I do not like this girls fans. Why? They're freakin' CRAZY that's why! They think that Riho's the best and everyone else sucks in comparison to her - they think she's the new Ace. By Fans I mean EXTREME 'ZOMG RIHO' fans, okay?

And honestly guys, don't make me laugh, but Sayashi Riho is NOT the next Ace. She is nowhere close. YES she has the popularity and dancing charm but she is not Ace material. Maybe in a few years' time when she actually can sing, but not now. So to all those who say that Riho is the ace - noooooooope. She's not.

I have talked to quite a few people I talk to online and they do agree with me. They think she hasn't got the voice. It's 'average' as one friend said to me, and average isn't good enough in the Idol world... actually wait, scratch that, average is okay in the H!P world which honestly sucks because then certain charming smiley faced girls tend to get pushed to the back.

"Chika Chika CHOO!"
 "I finally did it! Morning Musume FTW!"
 "Still badass, Betches."
"Honestly, I'm better than them all."

And certain people get pushed to the front despite their lack of vocal ability -or because of their immense popularity?-

"Who, Sayumi?"
"Simpy cannot be MOI could it not be?"
"Oh CHUU~"

Then again, there is one who deserves to be in the front because of her immense talent and awesomeness, but sadly Risa is still left behind despite their being lover... I mean BBFF's

"Hm, if I change this colour here and there and then... OH pretty~"

Bleh this is turning into a bigger bitch fit than I thought it would >.> WHATEVER, I just really dislike Riho's fans because of how they act around everyone else - ESPECIALLY ERINA!

NOW I am not saying that this doesn't happen everywhere - somewhere on some forums a mega Fukumura-fan went into a bitch-craze about Riho and it was quite stupid really - Yeah she has the spotlight and even though I am bitching up a storm, it isn't her fault... the H!P men choose who to put at the front and sadly it's the more talented, genki singers who get little recognition.

But what PISSES ME OFF is that whenever a Riho fan hears anything about Ikuta Erina it's an ultimate 'She's fucking ugly, can't sing, can't dance, she sucks why is she in MoMosu?' Shut the HELL up okay? Erina was the 3rd best dancer during auditions, and so what if she can't sing? Sayumi can't (btw I like Syaumi) sing for the life of a chocolate bar and she's still popular. Erina has a certain Morning Musume charm about her which is what I stated when the auditions were going on - SHE'S GOT THAT FACE! And IMO I don't think that Riho has that sorta face >.>

Honestly? How can someone HATE A 13 YEAR OLD when she is STILL so new to Morning Musume? It reminds me of all the Aika hate that really pisses me off >.> Each of these girls have their charm points within Morning Musume that make them the way they are, so you shouldn't hate on them ALL. I don't hate the ones I am not fond of, I just dislike them, but for Riho... well it's her crazy-ass bitching fans who piss me off and I just hate how H!P is ran.

OH WELL I still worship you, Oh Wonderful Mogi-Mon!
Peace OUT Betches xxx


  1. I can't really take your rant seriously when you are complaining about the lack of attention Erina and Zukki get when the only thing they are both talented in is being cute lol

    You can't complain about ppl w/less talent getting all the attention and then say that zukky and Erina deserve more attention. Then you say you don' get why Riho gets pushed when she's not as cute. Just say that cuteness is your facor as to why someone should be pushed and call it a day lol.

  2. @lovebum4life

    Hey, thanks for the comment!

    Well, in all honesty, they all deserve equal attention but I know that won't really happen (though Ikuta and Fukumura are getting a bit more attention at the moment! YAAAY!) and I was going through this rant because I was just annoyed at the time xD But I understand the idol world A LOT more now...

    I need a new rant >)

  3. This was post was posted a year ago (and lots of things have occurred since then)... I know I probably shouldn't respond to it, but:

    "And honestly guys, don't make me laugh, but Sayashi Riho is NOT the next Ace. She is nowhere close."

    It's VERY obvious NOW (it was obvious for me even last year) that Riho IS Morning Musume's next ace (Even Yuko Nakazawa has said so..).... Lol, reading this part of your post just... it had me rolling on the floor laughing so hard... xD

    "And certain people get pushed to the front despite their lack of vocal ability -or because of their immense popularity?-

    "Who, Sayumi?"

    Lol,Sayu photobook wise is pushed, but not line wise... I don't think she's ever really been pushed line-wise... She's always been in the back when it comes to that (and still is, maybe even more so now.. xD)... Risa (One of the members you consider to be a "charming smiley faced member that tends to get pushed to the back") was getting more lines than Sayu doing her time in MM... xD

    1. As you said, this was posted a year ago, and indeed things have changed. A year ago, I really did not like Riho at all.

      I agree that it is now clear she is the Ace, in fact I would need to e blind not to see that she is the Ace, but at that time... her vocals had me thinking differently. Even now, her vocals need work, but it is clear as day that she is the Ace of MoMusu.

      At the time, Sayu was being pushed more than ever with lines. Right now, she's getting pushed to the back lines wise again, but she is being pushed to the front - appearences more so, because she is recognisable for the public, so she has never been in the back - she has always been in the front because of how much she appears.

      I don't mean line distribution when being pushed to the back - I mean screen time, how much the girls themselves are seen, as opposed to lines. Even when Koharu Kusumi didn't get lines, she was a front girl because of how much she was shown off in videos.

  4. this is the first time i have read this but... I won;t argue with you but I don't know why would you be angry at Riho's fans if they say she is the ACE of MOMOSU why is there a bad thing? First Riho never ask for this she work her ass off to be where she is now,she do you see how proper she is? yes she is shy to strangers but she is never that NOISY girls like eripon(though I lover her KY ness) but for being an ACE it will not only be based on voice alone, I agree she needs to improve her singing skills which I can see it is but, if you don't notice Kusumi Koharu who normally could break my eardrum was considered an ACE not only becuase she is cute she prove herself as being KIRARIN, Riho here proved that she can dance, she has the charisma, the voice it will gradually improve. Fans are Fans deal with it and like I sadi Riho never asked for this, she works hard for this.

    1. At the time this was posted, it was pretty much just after Riho had been put into Morning Musume - at that time she was still very rough around the edges, she was shy and awkward and basically not Ace material. What I think people forget when they read this is that this was created in May of 2011 - nearly 3 years ago - back when she had first entered and people were still judging the girls on their characters and when fans were basically fighting with each other about who was better (which still goes on). To be quite frank, I still DON'T like the Riho fans much, or at least the extreme ones who won't listen to what the hell you have to say. Yeah, fans ARE fans, but they still urk me. And whilst yes, she has worked hard for it, it doesn't mean I fail to notice it, so don't treat me like an idiot.

  5. I completed agree about Riho! She dances great and I must admit that her singing is somewhat improving. However!!! She still does not sing well at all!!! I honestly think Sakura, Mizuki, and Ishida sing way better than Riho. She's not even that pretty to be quite honest. I really dislike how she gets all of the attention. Tsunku really needs to wake up and stop giving Riho everything. I know all Riho's fan think shes great but wake up! she cant sing for crap and ruins a lot of the old MM Songs!!! I realize she works hard, but that's also because Tsunku keeps making her work hard. Its not fair to other members who are constantly in the back and cant hear their voice!!! I'm pretty fricken sure that they all work equally hard!!!!