Wednesday, 25 May 2011

ONLY YOU - The Bitch-Spam Ver.

As always, all opinions of a song/PV are my own, and you are not to take offense to such opinions. Any hatred towards members actually means hatred towards the Hello! Project and UFA producers who suck. Now enjoy my Bitch-Spam/Review~

OKAY so to be honest, I really do LIKE this song, but the downside is the fact that Riho, 1/4 of the Cookies, gets lines, whilst the others don't. Now my Bitch-rant-review thing from earlier was full of anger and Bitching and BLAAAAH and Kanon love, well I've calmed down somewhat so this is gonna be less bitching towards the song I guess. I don't think there is much to bitch about the PV, but we'll see as this goes along, cos I do not edit posts and I am writing whatever I think right now :/ ANYWAY whatever, I have nothing against the Cookies, in fact I love 2/4 of them a lot, and I have nothing against Riho. I'm just mega pissed off that the worst singer out of all 9th gen gets more lines than Aika (Beautiful) and Sayumi (Yummy) despite being new and a sucky singer and a good dancer. I blame sales and Wotas and squinty-eye-syndrome :/

I would have preferred it if NONE of the Cookies got lines, rather than just Riho claiming all the lines that she has. Honestly, I would have probably preferred this song to have been heavily Ai/Reina based with Gaki thrown in for her Robo-singing and Sayu for her sex noises than have 3 of the NEW members left in the back drop to make it look prettier. Seriously. We aren't going Riho feat Gen 9 already, are we?

Okay, too much Bitching in a writing format, ON WITH THE BITCH-SPAM OF PICTURES AND WORDS!


I am slightly reminded of Osaka Koi no Uta... and James Bond or something weird like that, but it's cool.

HELL YEAH dancing time~ Winky fails at this cos she don't has her hand up guhu :F LAWL wtf at Riho's leg

I love these group scenes~ Slightly reminds me of Nanachatte Reina in a way :)

I like this part too, cos they're like making their fingers do that twitchy thing, y'know, making them remind of sprinkling sparkles xD

I have to say, I'm really digging Reina in this. She looks so farking bored in everything else but here she looks pretty spectacular, and that background~ ZO MA GAWD so Princessy!

Ai: "Touch my bumps, don't be shy~"

MY MY Ai, frisky tonight, I see ;D

-Jaw drop- She's really effing gorgeous in this, isn't she?

Lawl lawl lawl. Ai looks good but WTF is Riho doing? The robot? (BETCH that's Gaki's in this one) And Erina looks like she's placing something somewhere...

HYYYYYYYYYYYNG gorgeous! But too damned SERIOUS!

Riho fans, this is as good as it's gonna get Red-close-up V wise :/

WTF is Zukki doing? She looks like she's about to shoot someone :/

Beautiful Erina is Beautiful :)

I have to say Riho does look nice in these clips, very princessy and innocent... I still dislike her amount of lines, however.

Diamonds for a Princess... seriously. She looks STUNNING!

Well hello Sayu! Returning to Kimagure Princess, I see? ;)

Ai: "GTFO!"

Aika's looking lovely in the PV as well as Reina. Very innocent :)

LORD this girl is gorgeous

Damn, Kanon's cute, even when her hair is screwy and ugly in this PV.

Sexy Ai is SEXY!

Sayu: "You're it, Aika!"
Aika: "WHAT? Me?"
Riho: "..." *drunkern babble*

Seriously, it looks like a game of tag... with a drunken Riho thrown in there.


... And the others skip merrily along~

FAAACK she's the highlight of this entire PV, even when she sings as Robo-Risa.

Zukki: "Tsunku, where are my lines?"

Due to lack of lines, Kanon has now resorted to pleading in the PV. If you want Kanon to have more lines because she's epic, then please donate to... -gets shot-

Sayu: "Ah..."

DAYUMN sexy Sayu is SEKUSHII BEEEAMU~ Look at her smex face :o


Princess Fuku-chan is soooo Princessy and elegant

Aika: "By the power invested in me..."

She looks like she's voting, not casting power :o


Ai: "Naughty Naughty~"

Yes, Ai... we have been naughty~

Seriously Reina, WHY do I love you in this PV?


Winky: "Fook Choo BOI, whatch choo talkin' abou?"

... and then Gangster Yankee Reina returns as they dance. Dayumn :/

Ai: "Do my bidding, SLAVES!"

WELL HELLO! Bad-ass Sexy-Muffin Evil Gangster Lady Ai is always welcome~ ;D

Boring Riho is boring :/

Seriously? What is she DOING TO MY HEAD!?

Ah~ Princess-sama~

Okay, either she's been seriously hurt/injured or is trying not to let out another erotic Ah~ for reasons that we may need to think up ourselves ;)

.... Dare I say this again?
Sexy. Ai. Is. SEXY!

Sayu: "I see you're back~"
Aika: "...."

WTF is Erina doing? Looks like she's doing the dance for a S/mileage single... Shortcut :o Definitely Shortcut.

Gaki: "Oof!!!"
Ai: "Nobody beats Takahashi-sama, no one!"

It has recently been reported that Takahashi Ai of Morning Musume was caught attacking fellow member and sub-Leader Niigaki Risa. Ikuta Erina, one of the newest members, was the sole witness of this incident...

Seriously, it looks like Gaki's been punched or something! And Ai's behind her so.. jealousy over Gaki being in Morning Musume longer, Ai-sama?

Gaki: "Bust a move!"
Ai: "Takahashi-sama!!!" *cries to the skies about awesomeness*

OH HEY! Speedy recovery~ And honestly, it looks like the rest of them are crying to the sky about Lord Gaki or about Takahashi' awesome-nosity

Gaki finds time to take a quick pose in this shot because... well, she's awesome, right? Winky looks around, wondering what to do and Sayu looks like she should have a bag full of shopping in her hands... seriously, she looks like she's lugging a sack around xD

Zukki: "Tsunku, I still have no lines, where are they?"

And Zukki resorts to begging again. Seriously, Tsunku, where are your manners!?

Gaki is just so bad ass in this pictorial.

Winky: "Love me~ Ah~"

OH MA OJAY!!!! WINKY-SAMA!!!! *bows*

Ai: "Why me!?" *cries*

The stress of the Cookies and the fact that she will no longer have the longest running tenure in Morning Musume finally gets to Takahashi Ai's head...

And then she begins her evil master plan to take over all of Japan!!!!

Winky: "I.. *hic*...  notion this messafe... *hic*"

Whilst Reina takes a trip down to the wine cellar and returns a little less sober than she was before leaving the studio.

And the other members seem to be giving peace offerings to the Drunken Winky and their new Master, Takahashi-sama!

And so the new army, entitled Morning Musume, strike their battle pose before they dominate Japan!

Badass Aika is badass...

Friend: "She looks like a man!!!"
Ai: "Then the first thing I will do once I have taken over the world... fix Zukki's hair!"

ZOMG she looks like she's plotting something evil with Takahashi-sama, and yet she does it so beautifully~

Sayu: "Why am I in the back with the Cookies!? I'm WAY cuter than any of them!"

I totally LAWL'd at this part.

Ai: "I'm so hot it's criminal."
Winky: "Winky BEEEEAMU!~"
Aika: "By the power invested in me!!!!"
Gaki: *flips hair and looks awesome*

And all of the girls at the front line of Musume Army strike badass poses.

And then we get more bad-ass group poses of Musume Army.

And that is how they took over Japan~ The end.

OKAY so all in all I really did like this PV, it's just that it fooking sucks that Riho got lines and the rest of the Cookies didn't. Instead they got left in the cookie jar. Well, let's hope that the next single is better.

And before I leave you with just a total of abut 56 pictures for this random Bitch-spam of stupidity, I will leave you with any other thoughts:


Innitially I thought that this song was mostly Ai>Reina>Risa based, but mostly Ai and Reina, but it turns out that they have so heavily effected Riho, Sayu's and Aika's lines that I probably mistook the Aika and Riho lines for Ai lines and Sayu's lines for Reina lines. Seriously, did they have to auto-tune them THAT much? Sayu and Riho I totally understand, but Aika? She's got a pretty good voice anyway. OH and Robo-Gaki. Kinda funked up but I like it. I am already used to it xD

As a PV I really like it - especially the diamonds, and the boob touching and bad-ass Takahashi and her love of herself and her evil plans on how to take over Japan because she can no longer be the leader of Morning Musume. And I like Reina's winky-ness and beauty in this Pv. Seriously, I'm surprised by the amount of awesomeness I see from her in this PV. What it lacks in dance-tasity and lack-luster costumes, it makes up for in sparkles, candles, sexy girls (except that god-awful hair on Zukki) and absolute beauty. I definitely rate this higher than Momoiro Sparkling, but so far the best PV for me at the minute is definitely Kikkawa Yuu's debut as a soloist, Kikkake wa YOU. Now that is a damned good PV.

And my final thoughts are about what I expected of ONLY YOU. When I saw the costumes and heard the title, I actually thought that this song would be more calm and collected, not like this. I do like this, but the initial idea  had was that t would be set in a white room or a dark room with the girls all separated (close ups dear) and most likely kneeling on the floor as they look up and stars or small baubles of light fall down from the sky and into the hands and they hold it there and stare at it with smiles and cry a little. Seriously. This was my thought for what the song and PV would be like. Cos, y'know, it was meant to be a song about hope for Japan and love and stuff, right? I thought it'd be sweet and sad and lovely? xD Anyone like this idea? No? Fine. Go away.

So, I finally leave you with one last awesome picture of Lord Gaki-sama and her Robo-Gaki-ness.

Robo-Gaki: "BOOYA, let's break it down, get on the floor, say WHAT!?"

Have fun kids, and don't get lost in the awesomeness of Robo-Gaki. PEACE!