Thursday, 27 January 2011

Zassou no Uta - Because Buono can't Get Enough of It

All opinions of this PV are my own. In no way am I associated with Buono (I wish) or Up-Front Agency. I just enjoy giving my opinion to the public :D
Quite recently, Buono! released their first song and PV that wasn't released under the anime show they were created to sing for, Shugo Chara. Now no longer are they an anime group, but a new talent under the Up-Front Agency banner. This isn't surprising - Buono! is highly popular and loved all around the world, so it's a great thing that they have become official now. What a great start to 2011 after that kick to the balls of Ai leaving, right? 8D

Firstly, this song is pretty awesome; I didn't expect it to sound the way it did, so I was pleasently surprised (I refused to listen to 30 second previes so I awaited the PV) and I feel that the PV is really nice, too. It gave me a smile or two, because Airi's smile in this is pretty infectious IMO. Either way, this PV paired with this song is a great mix. They really go together.

 At the start you get the obvious group shots, with Airi (Oh you Diva) in the middle, and a few lights flashing. It seems that these girls are in a car park, and behind them, they have a band. Going all out eh, Buono?

Now what Hello! Pro PV wouldn't be complete without a close-up shot? Look at Airi! Her smile! So gorgeous! And Miyabeam is winking at me ;) yaaay! And Momoko.... erm yeah.

I'm a bit meh on Miyabeam's hair right now, but I like it; it's cute and mature for sure :)

o-O trailer?
ZOMG! MIYABEAR! 8D I am digging the hair ;) She's gorgeous that girl is!

I would have totally missed this picture out but Momoko just looks funny - she totally ruins the picture with that forced smile, but Airi also forces it. And I won't say what I think Momoko is doing.
Back to the car park :3

Airi looks good like that :3 And it actually looks like she's fixing a car o-O

Sadly, Miyabeam gets the boring one - NOT ENOUGH OF HER FACE IS SHOWN! But I can't say the same for Momoko... >.> why could SHE have been given the job where you barely see her face?

I seriously don't like her :/

Loving how Miya's hair is bouncing about xD She is seriously gorgeous in this!

I really like the camera angles in this PV, seeing as they're not just straight forward up-close shots. Sadly, the second one isn't a great look for Airi... but it's better than the other one I coulda capped for you xD

Momoko: Duh-HUUUURAiri: Lalalala~Miyabeam: ZOMG SHINEE COIN!


Airi hogs like 50% of this PV with her face, but I am not gonna complain <3 she owns it

Miyabeam: Gimme a hug, Airi! <3Airi: What chuu want a hug for?Momoko: ...

All their smiles are so grogeous here <3

OKEI! 8D Man they both look damned good :P

I absolutely LOVE this part of the PV because of how spacky Airi is xD she is just truly enjoying herself and you can see she is! It's like she's actually singing along to a song on the radio. Airi love <3

And now some Miyabeam love ;)

Aye aye, Captain!

Even though it's dark, you can really tell that Miyabeam's going for it! She's jumping and spinning <3 LOVE TO MIYA!

This closeup is LOVE!!! <3

Aww <3

I actually really liked this bit where Momoko just rises up xD

Awww so cute <3

And so it ends with a PEACE!

Okay so after watching that I have come to these conclusions;

1) I have a new found love for Miyabi <3
2) I still dislike Momoko
3) Airi is AWESOME in Buono!

This PV rocks! It's got a good amount of Close-ups, sweeping shots, group shots, random Mechanicy shots and friendly shots. It's a fun and quirky PV that shows a random Airi and a beautiful Miyabi. I LOVE this PV, it makes me smile, and it makes me want to dance and head bang a little.

The only problem I have with it is Momoko and how BORING she is. Her close ups just consist of bobbing about and singing whilst Miyabi and Airi actually move around more and use their hands (not in that way you pervs). I don't mind Momoko, honestly, she's just not my type of idol.

ANYWAY this PV is just a bundle of cute and fun <3 Go watch it!

Till next time ;)

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