Friday, 14 January 2011

Shortcut - When S/mileage begins to Plummet (PV wise)

All thoughts and opinions on this PV are my own - I'm just stating what I think about certain aspects of this PV. I have to admit, it is no Appare Kaiten Zushi (GTFO APPARE PV!) but S/mileage were always meant to be cute and fun... and now we get Shortcut. They really did take a shortcut on PV making with this one. Aye aye aye...

Now you know it's review time when I am sat here, with a laptop, a bottle of Lucozade and a loaded up PV on youtube as well as Paint opened up. Well today I am reviewing/slaughtering the PV Shortcut, performed by S/mileage. Now, before I begin, all PV's I have watched of S/mileage have always been cute, fun and energetic (I'm purposefully blanking out Ama no Jaku right now), just like the songs they sing. Now I like the song of Shortcut... it's the PV that's bad. You may of course beg to differ but I have my opinions... >.> anyway on with the slaughtering review and PIC SPAM of this PV.

Also take note; I haven't reviewed a PV since my first ever blog post... so yup :/

Now this is a pretty funky opening title, I must admit. It's bright and totally kills your eyes in terms of how much colour they have in it. It's so... bright and... purty...

I totes don't dig the hair heads though :/

Ah... Salon Dream? Wait what? I thought that the song Shortcut was meant to be about shortcuts... you know, when you know a way of getting somewhere faster than... you get it, I know ya do, so meh... anyway, we now pretty much know that this song is about a salon. So Shortcut = Short Cut. Note the space between the words.

I want a buzz cut... K, thanks

Blurry pics... whoo >.> This picture actually tells you whatever it needs to say... that she still has hair xD

B-but I want my hair T^T

Man she had such pretty hair... note I say 'had'. Past tense <3 love it

I want your SOUL! <3

... o-O WTF? Wonderful, she now looks like a boy! She also looks like she wants my soul... and maybe yours, too.

Mwahahahaha I am Cleopatra but smekushier~

I-is that a wig? If it is then thank goodness, because I hate that style on Fuku-chan... I think she's Fukuda... is she?

I like those clothes, they are simple but cute and very S/mileagey <3 The dance is pretty cute as well.

We know you're faking it, Saki... but yes this PV is a bore, isn't it?

YEAH let's raise the roof! BABY!

Okay... why are we now standing outside of the Earth? NO SENSE! THIS MAKES NO SENSE!

Okay... skip a few boring close up shots, some dancing time and the girls on the moon...

O-O they're cutting their hair off in the actual PV? If they are (and if the hair isn't extensions/wigs) then WOW... bye bye hair Dx

Saki really knows what precautions to take before even attempting to watch this PV... I wish I could do that...

I really like those dresses...

Iyaa! I never wanted it this short! You BITCH I want my money back!

Ne~ Do I look cute? Ne~

I don't mind that style much... :/

Fooooood~ zzzzZZZ

She's purposefully ignoring the hair slaughtering for food <3

I want to fly to the moon! Because getting a hair cut can GUARANTEE THAT!

I don't get why she's the only one who has the moon landing thing in mind for her speech bubble of colour... then again Saki was the only one who wanted num nums <3

Back to dancing on the freakin' moon... wait why aren't they moon walking?

In the name of S/mileage, this moon is OURS!
They have a flag? Whut... o-o

They took a picture together <3 d'aww...

We have a bit of zipping around as they wonder where to hide their things... hm...

This is cute, I have to admit <3

Volleyball with a moonrock? Yeah if you want a badly scraped hand...

OKAY! The Pic Spam is done!

This PV is BORING! It has to be one of the most boring PV's I have watched (other than Goto Maki's new PV - that is shit boring too). It does not rank as high as Appare Kaiten Zushi does on my list of hatred for PV's, but it's BORING and BLAND!

I love S/mileage because of their happy, hyper, energy filled songs that make you want to dance and to blow up with the cuteness overload of sparkles and sugars. This song is all sparkles and sugary goodness, but this PV isn't. There is no plot to it or any back story (other than haircuts) and it is filled with boring close up shots and dance shots. I am going to ignore any parts of the moon and moon rocks that appear in this PV.

In my honest opinion, this is where I think S/mileage may plummet PV wise. Hopefully their songs won't take a turn for the worst like Morning Musume's did (aka using the same synthony or whatever it is Tsunku fucking uses to redo Resonant Blue) (BTW I love MM songs no matter what xD... yeah) but right now this PV seems to be the start of something terribly horrendous... fuck you, Tsunku. (That rhymes! WHOOT!)

I didn't have an image of any PV in my head for this song because I actually waited for the PV to come out beforehand, and what a load of WTF it is.

And people thought Suko-chan was bad.... >.>

ANYWAY There is one aspect I totally adored through this whole PV, and it's how gorgeous Saki looks throughout it all. Honestly, she's a stunner!

Yeah I'm done hating... for now >.>

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