Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Okai Chisato: Chisato [Making Of]

Okay so I went onto youtube and just checked to see if the Making Of of Okai Chisato's PB had been released via youtube - and yes, it has! HAPPY DANCING TIME!

I have actually watched the RAW version of this, because I downloaded an MP4 version somewhere before 2011 began, but I stupidly deleted it >.< Then again I like to understand videos that consist of talking as well as pretty video footage of Okai Chisato (om nom)

In all honesty I love this video - I do find their Making Of's for PB's slightly boring as it's basically music and them talking, but I also like to LOOK at the girls in all their glory as they model, and Okai is no exception. This is her first PB and she just shows how spectacular she is and how well she portrays herself as a model.

Thankfully the version I will be putting onto this post is a subbed version, subtitled by the lovely people at Hello! Fansubs~ Man I love their subs - just wonderful :3

I am just gonna add the video - I don't think I will do a full blown Pic Spam of this video because it IS better do watch it than to just look at pictures (Unless you save them for your own means?) - ANYWAY here is the video (if I can figure out how to dot his blasted thing with links)...

ENJOY this immense amount of Okai Pai in all of her glory... OH YEAH BABY!

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