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Morning Musume - You Have a New Generation

Dear Tsunku,

Even though you now have Gen 9 sorted out, these girls still need to practice their dancing/singing skills as well as their skills as performers (well all barring one). So, as they prepare to become nation-wide stars, take into consideration one thing;

Use your 5nin Musume to your will. And by your will I mean MY will. Tsunku, you are a great, great man A slimeball at times and a fucker when you want to be, but you ARE a great man, so please, do this one thing for me (seeing as you fucking booted out the girl I wanted in you bastard)... please, create a 2011 remix of Morning Coffee, Aika and Risa, lead vocals (we need more Aika love y'see) with the current 5nin musume (wait shouldn't I be calling them 9nin now?) because that would just be AWESOME. And actually get them to drink coffee in this one and jazz up the instrumental~ We all like a jazzy tune~
OH and why did you return awesome 8nin-5nin Musume back to 9nin? Do you think that it'll be good again?
Sincerely, a fan blogger~

The minute I woke up (thanks to my sister) I was told to go to the computer; the Morning Musume 9th Gen Winners had been revealed on Hello! Sayunii. I woke up quicker than expected, and I went into my sisters room and sat in the chair, a little nervous. This was the first time experiencing a Morning Musume Audition as a fan, and it hopefully won't be the last, but I was also kinda scared, too.

And then when I saw the winners, I cried. Tsunku had done something people never expected of him, something a few people wanted him to do, and something a few of us certainly did not want him to do, but he did it.

If you haven't gotten it yet... Tsunku basically BOOTED MOGI OUT!

FUCKING AYE TSUNKU! My first MoMosu audition experience and you boot out THE ONE WHO IMPROVED THE MOST! <--- Never did that with Aika, did you? (Then again I like Aika now)

I even gake her a nickanme! *cry* (Mogi-mon)

ANYWAY Mogi didn't make it to the audition winners, which has surprised quite a few people, especially those (AHEM) who have shown some Mogi love >.> (a farking lot of Mogi-mon love to be exact)


OKAY now this one was no surprise, but it seemed that Tsunku, that slimy dog that he can be during auditions, added one of his Easter Eggs into the Morning Musume mixture, and she goes by the name of...

Fukumura Mizuki, 14 years old and a former Egg of Hello! Project. This girl has been a second generation Shugo Chara Egg (Amulet Heart) member since 2009 and has now graduated to become a Morning Musume member <--- why do I have a feeling that most Shugo Chara Egg members are gonna be big but never Saho-chu? ANYWAY this girl has some good freain' vocals and she's cute as well, and 14 <----- legal enough to be looked at in a way a few Wota are happy to look at. She has also had the training required so she will be one of the two easiest to prepare for the life of an Idol. I THOUGHT THAT TSUNKU HAD ONE UP HIS H!P SLEEVE!

Okay so next up is...
Ikuta Erina, 13 years old and the one with the BEST FARKING BUTT out of the lot - then again she is 13 and has probably matured more than the others. I actually had a feeling that Erina would get into Morning Musume; she has the looks and the Morning Musume charm and she seems pretty mature. Currently she is weak vocally, but a pretty good dancer (out of the auditionees she would now be classed as the second best dancer). I think that Erina was a good pick for Tsunku; she has the potential to become something great.

Next Girl please!

Suzuki Kanon, 12 years old and THANK YOU! At least Tsunku added a girl I thought should have been in Morning Musume (and Erina... but I didn't want her in as much as Mogi) but out of all of the girls we saw as audtion finalists, I felt that Kanon was probably vocally the worst (so shoot me) and was a good dancer when she knew the moves; BUT SHE WAS HAPPY DOING IT! Tsunku picked someone who was going to be slightly challenging, but willing to learn and who looked happy when learning and performing <--- this is Kanon to a T - she looked like she was actually enjoying dancing to the max when she performed in front of Tsunku, even if she needs a bit of work.

Next girl thanks

Sayashi Riho, 12 years old. Now THIS surprised me a lot. Tsunku has made the mistake (twice or three times I think) of letting a potential star go during the auditions (to the AKB white van) so I was indeed surprised that he had picked Riho - then again she's performed with Morning Musume once before so he obviously knows that she can work with them, and she's also had the training so she will be easy to settle into the life of an idol like Mizuki will.


You know what? I think I will really like the 9th Generation - it is my first generation as a fan of MoMosu and the girls that have been pcked seem to be right for Morning Musume.

1) Mizuki Fukumura - already a Hello! Pro Egg, so she has the training in singing and dancing and performing and seems to be popular anyway
2) Sayashi Riho - also already trained via her talent school, the best out of the finalists and an idol in the making, but I'm still pretty sure she's a bitch
3) Ikuta Erina - Ikuta is half/half on this one - she's good at dancing but overall she's not really good at singing, however she has the overall image of an idol.
4) Suzuki Kanon - Kanon has the potential that Koharu had; even though her dancing and singing skills aren't up to the standards of the other 3 (especially the first 2) she still has the look of an adorable idol as well as the acting skills; she can look like she's naturally laughing or crying, and she can change moods quickly.

Awww, the new generation with their masters~

OKAY I think that Riho looks more smug than happy - or is that just a new dislike for the girl blooming? (I need a new dislike - I currently like all the MoMosu Gen 5-8 girls now)

Why does Gaki have extensions? >.> I started to like her hair...

ANYWAY here are my inklings about why Mogi and Aina did not get chosen;

Mogi, vocally, was NOT the worst singer out of the 5 - actually that was Kanon. Mogi just forgot the words a lot and people seemed to hate on her for her TEETH <--- stupid really? Oh and maybe the way she looked too, I dunno :/ anyway out of all of them, Mogi was probably the worst dancer, but she was also the least energetic. Mogi had no energy, she didn't look like she was having fun. She was serious all the time, and even if I do have Mogi love, I can understand that Tsunku does not want a Genki-less girl in the group. Mogi is also kind of young - so she would have been a bit out of place in the group as the youngest and would have a harder time trying to fit in.

For Aina, she is more support-group than main group. Aina is a good dancer and a good singer, but she wouldn't fit in with a big group like Morning Musume (Aika didn't - and look how much she's buried underneath the popularity of the OTHER members) and she would most likely be swallowed whole. I think that Aina would do great as an Egg or a C-ute member (I like 5-nin though D:). I hope that Aina returns to auditions one day, even if it's for AKB and their white van of H!P audition thieves (lol blasthomy to H!P) because Aina has star potential, something that Mogi currently DOES lack. Even if Aina lacks in the looks department where Hello! Pro are concerned, she has the talent that can be made into something great.

So, all in all, even though the girls I wanted to get in (Saho Akari, Mogi Manami) didn't make the final cut, (I'm cry, I'm cry) I am happy with the new generation of Morning Musume. Hopefully these grls will become something great and will bring back the old Morning Musume charm of childishness and genki-love.

Say hello to an all new Morning Musume, guys. 2011, the year of Gen 9 (and hopefully Tsunku will find another girl somewhere and add her in)

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