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Morning Musume 9th Generation Audition Finalists - Part 2

As I look at the auditions, I am watching the two videos - in all honesty I can't farking wait for the results tomorrow. Tsunku pease let in the ones I want and I will LOVE you, and this is especially important that you let the ones I want in because you never fakring gave me a remixed version of Morning Coffee with the current five nin you barstood.

AH we are now onto the solo dance lessons - and first up we have Kanon, who I am beginning to like more and more as these videos progress. Kanon seems to be pretty good at dancing actualy; maybe she doesn't like dancing around other people? MEH. Anyway she is pretty good but seems to have a concentration face like JunJun did in Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game

Mogi's turn - Now Mogi still seems to find it hard to pick up on the dance moves, and that's totally understandable; not everyone finds dancing easy. Koharu had to learn how to walk properly before learning how to dance well enough, and she still turned into a fantastic idol. Poor Mogi. It's sad because she turned to tears;

I hate seeing a human cry. <b>cos I am totes not human</b>

AH so it turns out that Mogi and Kanon were having private lessons because they are, sadly, the slowest learns dance wise. The other 3, however, are practising via the TV. They are pretty good.

Okay we seem to have them practicing at home now and Aina is first up. She seems to have pretty awesome vocals on her, which seem stronger than when she sang at the audition.

Now Erina is going to be one to look out for; she seems to have the butt for MoMosu and I think she will be a wota-magnet. She's extremely pretty and a good dancer. Erina~ Wota love you~

Mogi hasn't picked the best place to practice; then again the kitchen may be a great place to sing? I dunno but she seems to have gotten better at remembering the lines, and wow she loos tomboyish. We need another one of those in MoMosu if she IS a tomboy. Gambatte, Mogi-chan!

I don't have much to say about Riho other than that she is a good singer - not the best MoMosu has produced but a good singer. She obviously has the most experience performance wise out of all five finalists.

[No picture due to extreme idiocy and a laptop that suffers from memory loss]

OKAY so now Kanon's dancng just scares me - she seems quite awkward when dancing here, and looks a bit out of place. I have a feeling that Kanon is a bit on and off when it comes to dancing. It also seems that I deleted the picture I had of her dancing >.> farking laptop and it's crazy Amnesia stages...

Now I will save the pictures of the girls getting their hair made up and their make-up done, however they all look very cute and everything looks simple :3

For this picture, Tsunku asked the girls to laugh; out of all of them I think that Kanon probably gave off the most natural laugh, but I loved that Riho gave off an air of embarassment.Mogi seemed a bit awkward with this; Erina looked like she was enjoying it <3 and Aina looked like she was actually laughing. They're all pretty good at laughing on que actually.

Now Riho has a lovey smile, and hopefully that smile isn't an act, but she is an adorable girl and will become very beautiful in the future, just like Ai and Gaki have become absolutely GORGEOUS.

TSUNKU! You made them cry! Ah, but he asked them to do it :o Anyway the first two who actually reacted were both Mogi and Riho, and they both look sad. I think that Kanon is unsure of how to act in such a situation; Kanon, do you not cry? Erina looks like she is naturally crying but it took Aina a few seconds to get into it, but she pulls the sad face well (kinda like she pulls the evil look well)

Mwehehe, I do enjoy watching little girls cry.

You know what? Tsunku somewhat reminds me of Dracula in the way he wears his shirt collars ._.

They seem to show Riho a whole farking lot. Apparently in audition terms this means she's in ._.

Erina is seriously enjoying the dance - look at the big grin she has on her face! It's nice to see a happy girl - GET INTO MOMOSU!!!

Aww Kanon you are pretty :D

You can also pull funny faces when I randomly capp the video xD OKAY please be like Gaki and have awesome concert faces and then we're friends :D

Awww look at Mogi's concentration face - it reminds me of the face my sister sometimes pulls xD but it is pretty cute

MOGI HAS ATTITUDE? If only she would actually apply some of that attitude to her dancing - it is better in this scene but she lacks in energy and attitude and bad-assery which I think Aina and Riho are giving. Erina just seems happy xD

There's Riho's bad-assery. She seems to have so much of it. Reina move out of the way, we now have Riho! (Hopefully)

OH WE HAVE SINGING NOW? Just look at Aina, so cute, but so nervous - seriously she looks nervous again. Then again... she's 12

ERINA! She's seriously pretty, but she needs a bit of work on her voice - it's pretty croaky at the minute, but she gave it her all, and again - she is pretty and has a butt that has MoMosu written ALL over it.

RIHO TAIMU. Thinking about it, I have a feeling that Riho is too damned confident. She's pretty and all but she's far too confident for my liking Dx anyway she sings well in this - again she isn't the best singer that has ever graced MoMosu's halls, but she controls her voice well. Oh well the girl has more energy than the others so far. And vibrato.

It's Kanon's turn, and she seems to be enjoying it! She's swaying a lot, kinda like Riho did, and smiling, even if she sings the word 'Aitai' deeper than any of the other lyrics. She actually seems more confident somehow, especially when talking to Tsunku; it isn't the same arrogant confidence I think Riho has, but Kanon has confidence, even if her singing was all over the place. At least she was very Genki about it.

Mogi is the last one to sing, and I seriously thought she was going to cry. She probably didn't sing the song as best as she could have, and she should have breathed a bit more between the small intervals as my sister told me.

AND SO that brings me to the end of this post; now I will be awaiting the arrivals of the New MoMosu, the 9th Generation. This is actually the first audition I have experienced as a fan of Morning Musume, so I'm pretty excited.

And here is a list of who I want to get into Morning Musume out of the auditionees:

5. Riho - don't get me wrong, she seems pretty talented, but she also seems far too confident
4. Erina - She's a real beauty and all that, but I don't like her as much as the next 3
3. Aina - I think she could contribute a lot to MoMosu in the near future
2. Kanon - CUTE. She's adorable and I think she'll be pretty popular
1. Mogi - I think that Mogi, with practice and all, will become a good idol in the entertainment industry and she might just become beautiful like Okai Chisato and Koharu Kusumi did.

And for Eggs? I want these two:

1. Sayaka Kitahara (of Kirarin Revolution's sub group, MilkyWay)
2. Akari Saho (of Shugo Chara's sub group, Shugo Chara Egg!)

Personally I would have liked it if Tsunku graduated Chisato from C-ute and placed in Morning Musume because she certainly has the vocal talent for the gorup and she's pretty mature... ish? ANYWAY that's my personal opinion on the matter.

YEAH it's over, you can go now~


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