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Morning Musume 9th Gen Audition Finalists - PART 1

Okay so in terms of not updating; what has there been to update?

Oh wait...


Actually in terms of the auditions I don't watch the videos; I basically just troll the hell out of different forums, reading the opinions of others. Now you can read my opinions, so have FUN.

As I look at the auditions, I am watching the two videos - in all honesty I can't farking wait for the results tomorrow. Tsunku pease let in the ones I want and I will LOVE you, and this is especially important that you let the ones I want in because you never fakring gave me a remixed version of Morning Coffee with the current five nin you barstood.

Okay so basically we start of with the Big Cheese, the Man, the Home Dog of H!P himself, Tsunku, and he is sitting in his Mafia Chair of Decision, talking to what seems to be his team of shoreographers, instructors and what not. What we also find is that he has the finalists information and pictures in front of him. Choose wisely, oh Great One!

Okay so after we have a bit of a title and a pretty picture of MoMosu themselves whilst the sponsors (wait no sponsors - just UFA), we get to see all songs that have represented new Morning Musume members via generation - I notice that we have ALL BARRING farking Egao YES Nude - do they kinda not get that Aika came in then, or are people trying to say she didn't appear until JunLin did? Farking knobs.

This picture tells us how many auditioned - in Japan that is. I swear there were more but a majority of those who sent in application forms WERE from abroad so it pisses me off that they just let in the Japs for this audition - we've had the gorgeous Pandas so why not an American or a Brit go in? But so far, this is their lowest count of auditioners (I am not counting Gen 2 auditions - Morning Musume weren't that big then so I refuse to count it in)

So over 9,000 applied; I actually put suhc a low amount of auditions down to the age count, in a way; it was so farking low that the ones who tend to listen to MoMosu now (I know that those who do listen to MoMosu more are over 20, because they aimed at Mature women for so long) couldn't even go to the auditions, and Tsunku was kinda stupid enough to set his age count too low; then agan he may want to go back into that Genki era of MoMosu we all adored and to give it some life that Aika is failing to give it right now (I love Aika and even I can admit that)

Okay so now we are onto the auditionee finalists; the first of the five finalists to be revealed is a girl named Ikuta Erina, a 13 year old who is very very cute. She seems to show the same cuteness that a lot of Morning Musume girls have had and seems to be, in my opinion, very H!P - with singing she is probably not vocally strong and she should never ever sing LilPri again because that songs a butcher bitch (and yet I sing it?) to the vocals. She also lacks emotion via the eyes in singing. However I really hope that she gets into MoMosu - it would be nice to see her improve on her singing and to become a performer all together.


The second auditionee finalist to be revealed is Suzuki Kanon, 12 years old and the misfortunate one in terms of Tsunku's editors screen capping to show her name - bastards screen capped her pic when she was half-talking or snorting or whatever. Anyway Kanon seems to be pretty ideal in terms of an Idol; she is cute and funny in terms of what she did during the audition when she lay down and started to act. There wasn't any singing for Kanon from the clip they showed, but she can certainly act cute; she reminds me of Sayu in a way when it comes to being cute. Oh, Sayumi has some competition!

She seems so happy. If she gets in MoMosu may get back a bit of chidish sparkle.

We are now on the third finalist to be revealed, who is Sayashi Riho, 12 years old. Now this is one little girl a lot of people want to get into Gen 9, and I can certainly see why; she has the looks of an idol and she has some good dancing skills (but from what I see in the video she looks very... spassmarodic?) and she has already acted with Morning Musume in their stage pay FASHIONABLE, so it is already known that she can work with older members. If she doesn't get in there won't be a lot of happy fans, and I'm pretty sure that AKB will snatch her up like they did with that Sumire kid.

Those boots are totes made for walking

Now we have the fourth finalist, and probably the youngest girl to ever make it to a Morning Musum Auditions final. Mogi Minami, 11 years old. I actually thought she was around 15 when I first saw a little clip of the auditions, but she's actually the youngest, and she is also already getting a lot of hate. In terms of looks, she is probably not the cutest (out of the ones who are in the finals) and she does need to work on her singing (who doesn't?) but she is a cutie and I am hoping that she gets into Morning Musume because, as I have argued with many, she wouldn't be a finalist if Tsunku hadn't seen any potential in her. Actually why is there so much hate for Mogi? She's adorable, a pretty decent singer and she is a kid - she's not going to be great at much in terms of singing or dancing yet, because Koha certainly wasn't at that age.

A Koha in the rocks

And finally we have the fifth finalist, Otsuka Aina, and from looking at her I would say she is the sort who does not have a memorable face (my opinion) and out of them all, she is probably the least likely to get into MoMosu, but she seems to be a pretty good singer (and she sang Everyday Zekkouchou - that equals a keeper for me) and fits C-ute songs well - potential C-utie right there kids. Anyway, she seems to have been the most nervouc out of them from the way her fingers twitched and her eyes shifted.

She looks a little evil... (Mikitty has returned?)

And so here we have the five finalists; Honestly I realy hope that it isn't just these five, because it would be boring if it was. Hopefully Tsunku will have a few more hiding up his magical H!P sleeve and with a bit of luck, he'll have added a few EGGS into the mix. Let's just hope this happens for me because I never got that Morning Musume 5nin remix single of Morning Coffee that I wanted :<

OH LOOK we're gonna have a peek at them practicing. But wait... what is this I see? Someone else in the reflection? NOW if you take any notice of the picture you will see another girl who has been cut out of the video; however her reflection remains in the video. I think this girl was kicked out for being some sort of blogger; I forget but apparently she isn't in the auditions anymore, even though this would have proven my point that Tsunku was hiding a few more auditionees up his magical UFA sleeve of magic.

Are you the reason we have such weirdly funked up H!P dances? <--- Onna to Otoko was kinda WEIRD

FARKING AYE Kanon looks like someone I have seen before... OH WAIT!

She looks like ERIKA from Oha-Girl Maple - yes I watch them and they are AMAZING! Okay Kanon I now like you more - GET IN AND BE ERIKA!!!

This woman has definately made those dances for MoMosu's songs; she's a weird ass-smacking dancer.

Aww poor Mogi - she looks farking confused with the dancing which is understandable - she's 11 and that woman is smacking her butt happily. I'd be confused too.

OKAY Aina looks EVIL right here - is she killing the woman for smacking her ass? OH if looks could kill she'd be a Mafia boss right now.

AH they be singing the song of the lonelyness of Xmas - WHOOT. I adore that song and they actually sound pretty good together. Now the one I certainly noticed here is Aina, for the pure fact that she was singing the song by just looking at the sheet a little - I think that's pretty good so Aina has gained a few points from me here.

OKAY dancince time - Riho is a bloody FIERCE dancer and has a bundle of energy to go with it. By far Riho is definately the best dancer out of all five finalists, then again - she goes to a talent school so it'd be expected.

Aina and Erina are also good dancers - they're not as energetic or hardcore as Riho is but I think they will get there. Aina just surpasses Erina that little bit as she seems more controlled and remembers the moves better than Erina does. In that aspect, she kinda reminds me of Nakky, and Aina also sounds like her a bit.

Kanon is pretty slow with dancing it seems - it's certainly not her strong point but it'd be great to see her improve somwhat if she does get into Morning Musume (she had farking better). She seems so confused.

Poor Mogi! She's the worst dancer out of all of them via this practice. But you can see she's trying hard, it's in her eyes - though she also looked a little bored xD

Okay so after dance lessons, we have singing lessons - and the pictures are too boring to put up. The only thing that really pulled at my heart strings is the fact that Mogi cried because she forgot to sing on cue. Okay it may be her own faut for not knowing when to start but I will use this excuse;

She's a kid D8

ALSO Riho is farking good at projecting her voice - use it for those concerts kid ;)


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