Friday, 19 November 2010

Morning Musume: Top 8 and Top 5

Now that we are getting closer to the graduations of 3 great members, Kamei-Pie, Jun-chuu and my cute little LinLin, it is time for me to figure out how my new list of favourite members will go; who will be first and who will be last? Technically I know this already, but for the hell of it I want a pic spam; I will start off with the current 8 members and the order I rank them in.

No. 8
I have never been a big fan of Reina; I have always thought that she got more lines than she deserved and also I feel that her voice isn't that great. She's cute when she wants to be, but Wonky isn't a favourite of mine; sorry Wonky.

No. 7
Now I feel bad putting Aika THIS low - she's not that popular anyway (not like Reina is) and a lot of people do hate on her; I don't hate her, but I don't see her doing anything either - she's very shadowed in the group out of all of them and despite her nice voice, I can't see potential from the girl - she's not a Musume girl of sorts, she's more so a sub-group girl or something. I like Aika but not that much :/

No. 6

Now I was confused with who would be No. 6, and I came up with JunJun - and I LOVE JunJun but not as much as the rest of them. JunJun was never very strong vocally but she is a very cute member and one of the funniest as well, but I don't see her as one of the top 3 favourites. JunJun, you cutie, I will miss you! Sorry to put you so low on my list my darling!

No. 5

Now Sayumi became a favourite member of mine when Kusumi graduated; I adored this cute little girl who was so vain I almost fell over. Sayumi is still a favourite of mine; I do like her voice (so sue me) and I think she's a lovely member and deserves more lines than she gets. She has really become a mature woman this year and she captivated me in the Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game PV - all she did was look sad/seductive/sexy/wantingly and I was hooked; she is one of the best members in my opinion.

No. 4

Up until VERY recently, I disliked Ai; primarily because she was one of the major line whores in all songs, but I do know she has talent. I now adore this girl to the point where I will save pictures of her just to look at her. DAMN this girl is a looker. Anyway, she is by far the greatest singer within Morning Musume and I will admit that - and if she ever graduated (it will happen we all know it) I will probably cry.

No. 3

Kamei has been ranked 3rd in my list. I never noticed her much but I knew she was a great singer and one AWESOME dancer. Kamei-Pie has actually always been my sisters favourite; but I do like this girl and she is hilarious and so random. I am going to miss her, especially as I have started to grow fond of her now (this is like the Kusumi thing, right? Everyone disliked her until a few months before her graduation - me? I always liked her). I hope she comes back to H!P.

SO! Who ranks in the top 2? Obviously it's LinLin and Risa, but who is at No. 2 and who is No. 1? Let's find out!

No. 2

Risa has actually been in my No. 1 list beforehand; I adore this girl. She's sexy, sophisticated, awesome, pure win, gorgeous, simply beautiful and a talented singer and actress. Risa is just great, and I adore this girl SO much. I do hope she gets a solo career because she clearly deserves it; Risa, stay great, because I love you and will one day meet you to confess my undying adoration of you.

No. 1


My gawd ever since I REALLY started to notice LinLin, I have realised that she is funny, talented and all-around beautiful. LinLin is basically on par with Risa, but when I heard she was graduating I burst into tears; I adore this girl and I actually wanted her to stay a little longer - I never expected her to graduate, especially so soon after Koharu, who had been my favourite member since I had gotten into Morning Musume, so when I discovered that 3 awesome members were graduating, I did literally cry. It was too soon to lose more members, and it was too soon to lose LinLin and JunJun AND Kamei, who I thought would make Leader one day.

Well now Michishige will make leader after Risa; if Reina does then I'm sorry, MoMosu, but I'd rather turn to AKB before I had Reina as your leader.

OKAY so now that we have settled that we know who my top 5 will be now, right?

No. 5

Honestly, I used to like Wonky; not so much now :/

No. 4

When Aika finally starts to show her real personality, then I might gain a little more interest in her.

No. 3

YES I set her lower on this list; however Ai is still in my top 3 and she is pretty awesome but I have a feeling I may like the next girl a bit better when there are just 5...

No. 2

Sayumi.... please just keep getting sexier and better... arigatou :D

No. 1

And Niigaki? Well she is going to always be awesome, no matter what :D NIIGAKI YOU ROCK MY SOCKS!

And my all time favourite H!P members? You wanna know?

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