Thursday, 16 December 2010

Update! The Graduation of 3 Awesome Sauces

It kinda bugs me that the day three awesomely talented and beautiful girls graduated from one of the best Japanese girl bans EVER was the same day that I was laying in bed, dieing of a cold. Okay I exaggerated that, but I was in pain >.> but it does bug me that I was ill the day they graduated, though I did cry with my sister.

ANYWAY I'm pretty sure that the concert must have been an emotional one - I wish I could have gone but I can not afford it Dx but me and my sister discussed what we would have done if we did go - we would have been sobbing our guts out, screaming he names of our favourite graduees - hers would have been Kamei and mine LinLin. I actually don't think I cried so much since Koharu left and I cried a lot then Dx

So as I sit here, trying to think about what to write for his blog entry, seeing a I have zero creativity, I have decided to write my thoughts and feelings on those who have now graduated:

For Kamei, I was never a big fan of hers when I began to fall in love with Morning Musume, however I always knew she had awesome vocals and she has always been a great dancer - if I thought he was a bad dancer and a bad singer then I'd be just stupid :/ Anway she was never my absolute favourite -I always like Koharu and Niigaki and LinLin better. When I found out that Kamei was graduating, though, I became a little depressed - she had just always been there it seemed and it's going to be noticeable that there's a giant empty space now that she's gone. Kamei-chan, who has been there since SHABONDAMA, it is sad to see her go. Morning Musume has lost a strong singer and a strong dancer and a great performer and actress. Morning Musume will certainly not be the same without her.
 To Kamei; now as a graduated member of Morning Musume, I hope that you will one day return to the world of entertainment where you will always shine. Hopefully you will from your skin damage and your fans and I hope to see you back within the world of singing soon.

For JunJun; again I was never a big fan of JunJun - but she has always been undeniably cute and lovely. JunJun should have got a PB for heself, really! She's too gorgeous to NOT have one! In truth, I think that her graduation is far too soon and that she had at least another 2 years of Morning Musume left in her - she didn't have enough time within Morning Musume, and it would have been nice to see her grow more as a young woman and as an entertainer.
 To JunJun; as a graduated member of Morning Musume, I hope that you grow as a singer and make an impact in China and become a star, either as a soloist or as a group member. You are a beautiful singer and an equally beautiful woman.

For LinLin;one of my favourite members of Morning Musume; LinLin is a beautiful singer and a funny girl to top it all off. She is one of the most under-rated members of Morning Musume eve though she easily beats half of the Morning Musume members vocally. LinLin certainly deserves herself a photobook and a solo single, but those days are, of course, long gone (for Morning Musume, that is.). This girl is just wonderful - and maybe I'm biased but she has just grow so much and she probably had so much more left in Morning Musume - she shouldn't have graduated so suddenly. This girl will always be a favourite of mine and I hope that she becomes a bigger star in China than she already was and I hope that she has fun whilst dong it!
 To LinLin; Now that you have graduated from Morning Musume, I hope that you blow China over with your talent and your wonderful personality. I hope that you become a soloist because you deserve it; I hope that you release a photobook and I just wish you luck and happiness. Wo ai ni.

And there we have it; 3 great members have now left Morning Musume and will go on to try new things. Hopefully we will receive a few regular updates on them (especially LinLin) and hopefully at least one of them will become a soloist.

Goodbye Kamei, LinLin and JuJun. Morning Musume will not be the same without you T^T

SO now 8 has tuned into 5 officially and we are back to a small Morning Musume.

Hopefully we will get a new single out of them BEFORE any new members are added; I really want to see how Morning Musume is with just 5 of them now; maybe an updated version of Morning Coffee, perhaps? But I would enjoy it if they brought out a new song BEFORE anybody else infiltrated the Morning Musume household.

Also it scares me slightly, but don't they look pretty god as a 5nin group? T^T

ANYWAYS one more update that makes me HAPPY:

Mitsui Aika is FINALLY getting a photo book of her own and the preview is WONDERFUL! At least she is getting one - Jun and Lin should have had one too but Tsunku is a twatnick >.> Anyway congrats Mitsi! YAY! She deserves it!

AND my two top Musume members now until a few new members are added (if Tsunku just adds one I will find a gun)

Ja ne!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Okai Chisato: 1st Solo DVD Trailer: FINALLY!


Well technically it isn't because we only have the trailer, but thanks to the new youtube channel that H!P kindly made for C-ute, we get a trailer or the first official solo DVD tat is the making of for Okai's first official Photo Book which I aim to get my hands on.

Chisato is just THAT awesome people. So, let's have a pic spam of this advertisement of the PB, shall we?

The opening of the 'commercial' shows our lovely Chisato sitting at a train station in a school uniform. Oh she's so beautiful! She then slowly turns her head..
And we have Chisato facing the camera! We also get the title of the DVD which is, in my opinion, pretty good as an opening sequence to the advertisement of he DVD and hopefully the proper opening. I guess it adds a bit of class (in my opinion).
nd then it fades into CHISATO LEGS! Man, Chisato... you have some nice pins there... you are living proof that not all the H!P girls are stick thin... you and Risako, that is.

Anyways, as we look at her legs the camera slowly rises up her body, and we come face to face with Chisato herself.

She can see you! Oh she is so beautiful!

We then cut to the other side of Chisato, and the camera man edges ever so closely to her to capture her beautiful face...

She caught him! Oh Chisato, you are just beautiful... (I keep saying that, but she really is) I do love how she's just smiling slightly towards the camera, almost like she's happy about catching him looking at her.

Bikini Time! We are then cut to this piece of awesomeness... Chisato running in a beautiful bikini... pink and turquoise really suit her, and it's fun to watch her run... in a bikini... ;P

Can you blame me for taking a second pic of this? Though it isn't easy to capture pics off youtube when the object you are viewing is in full motion..

And we then fade into Chisato laying in a hammock, her hand in front of the camera. She takes her hand away a few times and brings it back towards the camera as the hammock swings, laughing and smiling. Oh, Chisato... BTW the words on her bikini say 'Cute & Sweet'. Oh so true, Chisato...

Back to cutting to the next scene! This time, Chisato is by the sea~ So obviously she's on a beach and there she is posing. Chisato you beauty... :o side boob! I think Chisato is one of the few H!P members with actual boobage?

She looks at us again! She looks absolutely stunning here... even if it is a screen-capped pic...

Now, observe...

... :o

 .. o-o
... O 3O


Now that's what I'm looking foward to in the PB, and a load of other Wota, too...

Now we have a beautiful sunset scene with Chisato, still on the beach, but still looking beautiful. She suits the sunset scene in my opinion...

And she smiles! I do adore that smile of hers... it makes her even more beautiful than she already is. Her nose is cute, too.

Chisato, bathing in the sunset light as she sits in a tree... beauty... beautiful = 3=

I enjoy this scene; more Chisato in a BIKINI! She's just walking in front of the camera man (obviously) but she faces forwards first and then turns to give us Okai booty! YAAY!

Now we have her in front of a waterfall; with slightly damp hair I guess. I like this but she does not move! Me like movement! Even if it s a bitch to screen cap when she moves.

Oh, hello there Chisato!

Beautiful as always....

She's giving me the come hither look... and you guys, too.

 Oh look, Chisato noticed her boobage.

 And now for the good stuff...
The camera starts to go across Chisato's body starting fro her toes...

And then her legs and butt and tummy - what a lovely tummy.

And then finally we see her beautiful face and her bust... Oh Chisato...

And we then end with her smiling before the video fades to black and the dates for the release of the PB come up in white writing with a back background.

SO all in all this video took over 2 minutes and it was definitely the best 2 minutes of my teenage life. I was already sold on buying the PB before hand, but this advertisement for the PB just made me want to buy it more.. From the beginning I enjoyed seeing her posing, until the very end where we just got to see how gorgeous she looks in a bikini. It is very nice to finally see Chisato taking the spot light for once, and hopefully she will spawn a second PB after this one because she certainly deserves it; she's getting more and more popular (Thank goodness!) and she's one awesome singer as well as very beautiful.

You should check out the video yourself to see if you like it or not; personally I think that it was beautifully made (then again it has Chisato in it - and I love me some Chisato goodness) though the song got on my nerves a bit - I would have preferred Chisato speaking or a C-ute song in the background, but meh, we can't all be winners, right?

Reminds me of Appare Kaiten Zushi where we lost out... :/

Friday, 19 November 2010

Morning Musume: Top 8 and Top 5

Now that we are getting closer to the graduations of 3 great members, Kamei-Pie, Jun-chuu and my cute little LinLin, it is time for me to figure out how my new list of favourite members will go; who will be first and who will be last? Technically I know this already, but for the hell of it I want a pic spam; I will start off with the current 8 members and the order I rank them in.

No. 8
I have never been a big fan of Reina; I have always thought that she got more lines than she deserved and also I feel that her voice isn't that great. She's cute when she wants to be, but Wonky isn't a favourite of mine; sorry Wonky.

No. 7
Now I feel bad putting Aika THIS low - she's not that popular anyway (not like Reina is) and a lot of people do hate on her; I don't hate her, but I don't see her doing anything either - she's very shadowed in the group out of all of them and despite her nice voice, I can't see potential from the girl - she's not a Musume girl of sorts, she's more so a sub-group girl or something. I like Aika but not that much :/

No. 6

Now I was confused with who would be No. 6, and I came up with JunJun - and I LOVE JunJun but not as much as the rest of them. JunJun was never very strong vocally but she is a very cute member and one of the funniest as well, but I don't see her as one of the top 3 favourites. JunJun, you cutie, I will miss you! Sorry to put you so low on my list my darling!

No. 5

Now Sayumi became a favourite member of mine when Kusumi graduated; I adored this cute little girl who was so vain I almost fell over. Sayumi is still a favourite of mine; I do like her voice (so sue me) and I think she's a lovely member and deserves more lines than she gets. She has really become a mature woman this year and she captivated me in the Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game PV - all she did was look sad/seductive/sexy/wantingly and I was hooked; she is one of the best members in my opinion.

No. 4

Up until VERY recently, I disliked Ai; primarily because she was one of the major line whores in all songs, but I do know she has talent. I now adore this girl to the point where I will save pictures of her just to look at her. DAMN this girl is a looker. Anyway, she is by far the greatest singer within Morning Musume and I will admit that - and if she ever graduated (it will happen we all know it) I will probably cry.

No. 3

Kamei has been ranked 3rd in my list. I never noticed her much but I knew she was a great singer and one AWESOME dancer. Kamei-Pie has actually always been my sisters favourite; but I do like this girl and she is hilarious and so random. I am going to miss her, especially as I have started to grow fond of her now (this is like the Kusumi thing, right? Everyone disliked her until a few months before her graduation - me? I always liked her). I hope she comes back to H!P.

SO! Who ranks in the top 2? Obviously it's LinLin and Risa, but who is at No. 2 and who is No. 1? Let's find out!

No. 2

Risa has actually been in my No. 1 list beforehand; I adore this girl. She's sexy, sophisticated, awesome, pure win, gorgeous, simply beautiful and a talented singer and actress. Risa is just great, and I adore this girl SO much. I do hope she gets a solo career because she clearly deserves it; Risa, stay great, because I love you and will one day meet you to confess my undying adoration of you.

No. 1


My gawd ever since I REALLY started to notice LinLin, I have realised that she is funny, talented and all-around beautiful. LinLin is basically on par with Risa, but when I heard she was graduating I burst into tears; I adore this girl and I actually wanted her to stay a little longer - I never expected her to graduate, especially so soon after Koharu, who had been my favourite member since I had gotten into Morning Musume, so when I discovered that 3 awesome members were graduating, I did literally cry. It was too soon to lose more members, and it was too soon to lose LinLin and JunJun AND Kamei, who I thought would make Leader one day.

Well now Michishige will make leader after Risa; if Reina does then I'm sorry, MoMosu, but I'd rather turn to AKB before I had Reina as your leader.

OKAY so now that we have settled that we know who my top 5 will be now, right?

No. 5

Honestly, I used to like Wonky; not so much now :/

No. 4

When Aika finally starts to show her real personality, then I might gain a little more interest in her.

No. 3

YES I set her lower on this list; however Ai is still in my top 3 and she is pretty awesome but I have a feeling I may like the next girl a bit better when there are just 5...

No. 2

Sayumi.... please just keep getting sexier and better... arigatou :D

No. 1

And Niigaki? Well she is going to always be awesome, no matter what :D NIIGAKI YOU ROCK MY SOCKS!

And my all time favourite H!P members? You wanna know?