Musings & Mutterings (From the Mind of a Japanese Idol Fan)

Musings & Mutterings (From the Mind of a Japanese Idol Fan) is a Weekly to bi-Weekly podcast that covers a range of topics from Idols, this blog, my own personal life, University and other things. The idea behind the podcast is to simply talk about and share things, speaking what is on my mind and basically just having a fun, casual chat about what I like or what I do.

With this podcast I hope to show more sides to my personality and who I am, rather than just letting you see the Idol fan behind the words. I want to share things with everyone, allow you to see what I enjoy and what I might dislike, and basically see that there is a tad more dimension to who I am. Of course I want to talk about Idols too, they are a big part of my life and who I am as a person, but I also want to bring across other interests and allow you to get to know me more.

With this, I hope you enjoy the podcasts I have created. Thank you for reading this blog, and thank you for becoming a listener. I truly appreciate it.

Episode 0 (12/12/14)
Episode 1 (13/12/14)
Episode 2 (20/12/14)
Episode 3 (27/12/14)
Episode 4 (10/01/15)
Episode 5 (24/01/15)
Episode 6 (08/02/15)
Episode 7 (21/02/15)


  1. I listened to one! It was nice. I like them when they're more about idols, but the other things you talk about are interesting too!

  2. Are you still doing these? :(

    1. Currently, they are out of commission... or something DX I wanna try a season 2 XD