~About Chiima & Okay! Musume Time~

About: ~Chiima~
"Writing, like music, is Universal, and I want to share both with many others!" - Quote by Chiima
"Writing is my Life, Reading my Hobby, Research my beloved pass time. Put them all together and you can create stories..." - Quote by Chiima

I aim to write with excitement and enthusiasm, and to portray my emotions through words. I want to bring writing to life.

Hello all, I am Chiima, though I am also known by my birth name, Kelly-Mae. My charm point is my eyebrows, and my aim is to write with joy and some criticism. I hope that you enjoy your time here when reading!

Aged at 24 and currently without a zimmer frame, I am a former Creative Media student and a current University attendant of Creative Writing and Film Studies, with my degree focusing mostly on the Creative. I am also a writer here as well as on Hashire! Idol Manic, as well as a freelancer for Selective Hearing, JaME World and sometimes the University newspaper, though most of the time, I heavily procrastinate when trying to write up articles and reviews for these very places. It is the life of a writer, y'all. When not writing, you can find me singing in Japanese, listening to broadway musical soundtracks or crafting notebooks and organisers (often badly). I also enjoy really bad movies, Hallmark flicks and animated films like How to Train your Dragon. I'm a Harry Potter nerd, too, and my Hogwarts House is Hufflepuff, whilst my Ilvermorny house is the Pukwudgie!

I am from a family of 6, and I am the fifth born child, meaning I am one of the two youngest. I have two nieces, and four nephews.

Prior to my Idol fandom, I was heavily into Anime and Manga from the age of 13, with my interest lying in all things cute and Shoujo. I also dabbled in creating Anime Music Videos, Vlogs and 'dubbing' prior to my Idol React based channel. I've also attempted a make-up youtube, though really, let's not go there. Because of my Anime / Manga fandom, I was eventually introduced to Kusumi Koharu, and then Buono, and finally Hello! Project as a whole, which in turn brought me to the Idol world I know today. Without this stepping stone that was the Anime and Manga community, I would not have come to where I am today as a writer and a vlogger. Though I did come into this world in 2009 though, I do not class 2009 as the year I truly appreciated Idols; that would be 2011, because in 2009, I only cared about Koharu and Gaki, and no one else.

Currently, my aim is to create memories and happiness, to travel, and of course... write! Do you want to write a little story with me?


Side Note on the Fandom:

The Idol community is a bittersweet place, if you ask me. In this kind of place, you can express yourself, but you might be judged and disliked for it. There will be a lot of people who simply wish you would shut up and leave, that you would never speak ill of something, no matter how much you back up your comments with evidence or positive criticism, too. This will happen in life in general, too, but here, it feels like people are easily offended.

But, do as you wish; do not let these people stop you from expressisng yourself, or stop you from saying what you feel. If you don't like an Idol, don't feel guilty. If you dislike a song, say so. You don't owe anyone anything, and they don't own your mind. You do you, and live life as you please, as long as you don't throw around death threats or racial slurs. Speak your mind, but don't cross >those< lines, okay? Also: CONFLICT IS GOOD! If you can take the heat, go forth, young one, because the conflict of opinions can open your mind up even more, and you can learn so much.

Also, this is where I write. This is my domain. If you don't like my opinion, that's okay; I really don't expect anyone to ever agree with me, and if y'all think that's what I expect... well, you've kinda been misinformed, mate.


Random Facts

Random Fact #1: I really would love to have an interview with someone, one day, who is a net Idol. Maybe.

Random Fact #2: Okay! Musume Time was originally called Okai! Musume Time. I like Play-on-words.

Random Fact #3: If I were to audition for any Idol group if I could, it would be either BiS or Houkago Princess. I think that those are the only groups I would ever have  real chance to be in! Haha. (This is still totally relevant to me)

Random Fact #4: I would eventually like to travel the world and create a documentary all about Western Wota. It would be wonderful to get it out there as to why we are fans of these Idols, and what makes us like them so much. Also, it would be a great way to clear up non-fans' misjudgement of us, and how they think we act or look, you know?

Random Fact #5: I want to travel and learn more about the worlds fairy tales. As a fairy tale lover, and a lover of knowledge and learning, it would be amazing to find different stories, and to read every single one.

Random Fact 6: I hope to one day publish my own fairy tale re-tellings. Not a big novel length book, but an anthology of short stories. I doubt I could do a novel ahaha!

About: ~Okay! Musume Time~

Born on Novemeber 18th, 2010, and originally intended to be titled either Okei! Musume Time or Okai! Musume Time, Okay! Musume Time came to be. The first post I ever created was a PV review for Morning Musume's song Appare Kaiten Zushi, and my original intention for this blog was to keep it as vent-heavy as possible, or just a place to post about Idols I was drooling over at the time. I also never intended to keep this blog going after a year, because I am actually useless as keeping a blog afloat, but fate had different plans, and my blog has spiralled into the Okay! Musume Time that you know today.

Here is where I talk about Idols, whether it is a post where I review, rave, vent, appreciate or even update. I enjoy it so much, writing here and sharing what I love with everyone. This is something that I love, because it is something I am passionate about, and I am allowed to express myself here with everyone and know that you all love these things, too. Sometimes it is hard to keep up to date all the time, but I love this blog, I love writing, and I love all of you. It is wonderful to be Chiima of Okay! Musume Time, and to write for you all.

I am happy that people read my blog, and if you read this About Me Page, then I want you to know this: Thank you for reading, and for being a part of Okay! Musume Time with me. Arigatou~