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Houkago Princess: Idols by Day, Royalty by Night! (Group Introduction)

With their 5th Anniversary since their indies debut already passed, as well as my love for them continuously soaring, I thought it wise to (finally) create a post introducing the lovely ladies who make up Houkago Princess, and giving all of you lovely readers some insight into the group, what it's all about, and who the girls themselves are! And, if you're interested, I do hope you further your research, and learn more about the greatness that is Houkago Princess, the Idols who become Royalty once the clock strikes 4pm!

As a side note, written in lovely pink scripture, I have decided that I will only be looking at Houkago Princess: The REGULAR lineup in this piece. I will take time to create a separate piece for Houpriyusu, its members and its creation, as they are somewhat separate, despite the relation. So, please do bare with me, and enjoy!

Formed back in late 2010 and debuting on the indies scene on August 3rd 2011, Houkago Princess (also known as HouPri) have had their fair share of ups and downs in the great Japanese Entertainment Industry. From departures to scandals, returns and more, this group has lost and found some great girls until, finally, they stand as they are today, a major-label group with a steady lineup, as well as an ever-growing fanbase who love what these girls do.

With 7 indies singles, four commemorative singles, two digital releases, a collaboration, one mini-album and three major singles under their belt, HouPri have been pretty consistent in their releases since their indie days, and have slowly built up a strong foundation from the ground up. Working their way from the bottom, the group started out performing at Ikebukuro WHITEBASE, a small venue that could barely hold all of the girls on the small platform they would sing and dance on in front of a handful of fans. It was not until 2013 that HouPri moved on to bigger venues, namely Ruido K2, Shibuya DUO and Coconuts STAGE, which were more accommodating to the increasing size of the group, who at that point held more than 14 members and feeling more AKB than HouPri at the time in terms of how many members there were.

2013 was also the year that saw HouPri's biggest turnover in its members, with 10 members leaving between the months of March and October. This included the leave of former front girl, Chiba Sakino, who graduated, as well as the dismissal of Noda Hitomi, both popular members of the group. Though the year proved to be rocky for the remaining members, Houkago Princess continued performing and gaining fans with each new release, and each new performance.

Since then, the groups dismissal, withdrawal and graduation rate has decreased, with 2015 being the quietest year for member departures. The year of 2015 also saw the groups major debut under Universal Music Japan, which they celebrated on their 4th anniversary as a group. Now in 2016, the group is continuing to flourish and grow with its 'school girl idols to fairy tale princess theme', and their quality in music and image is only getting better with each release.

And now they are waiting to enchant you, so if you feel intrigued by these Idols who become Princesses once the clock strikes four in the evening, will you take a look at who is who, and find a Princess to take to the ball before the clock rings 12?



Name: Odagiri Nana
Nickname: Nana-nyan
D.O.B: February 18th, 1990 (26)
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 157cm
Generation: 1st
Position: Student Council President
Image Colour: White
Hobbies: Playing with cats, RPG's
Princess she aims to be: Snow White (She wishes to be loved like she is, and the beauty aspect is desirable, too)

Reign: December 2010 - Present


The longest running member, Odagiri Nana is an original 1st gen Princess, and one of the most popular within the group. She is known for her love of cats, and for her dedication to the group. Though she originally planned to graduate Houkago Princess in 2012, Nana changed her mind and has since gone on to becoming one of the most well known and beloved members within the group and its fanbase.

She has her own solo song, titled Nanairo Photograph, which plays on her name, Nana, and at the end of performances, fans call out for a 'Nyancore'.

Personal Comments:

Nana is not my favourite member, however, I do like her. She's a sweet girl, and whilst she can't sing as well as others, she tries her best, and you can tell that she loves HouPri with all her heart. Given her reign, I can't blame the fans for loving her so dearly and upping her popularity each year; she's the most stable member, her tenure is intact, and she's a cutie pie. She's also grown considerably since her debut, transforming herself from that awkward caterpillar stage into the confident, smug looking butterfly she is now. Such a shame about the vocals, though!

Name: Miyashita Mayuka
Nickname: Mayu-kyan, Mayukyandi
D.O.B: November 14th, 1992 (23)
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 163cm
Generation: 1st (2011-2012), 2.5th (2013-Present)
Position: 2.5th Dimension Chairman
Image Colour: Pink
Hobbies / Interests: Anime, gaming, singing, clothes, voice acting
Princess she aims to be: Marie Antoinette (for her femininity)

Reign: December 2010 - May 2012 / March 2013 - Present
Abdication: August 15th, 2016


A former first generation member, Mayuka was known for her cute looks and impressive voice. She was the first member to have a solo song debut on a CD, and is currently the only member with two solo songs under her belt as a member of the group. In 2012, Mayuka graduated the group to pursue a career in fashion modelling, however returned under a year later in 2013 as a Cadet, until she was promoted in October that same year, and placed in the 2.5th generation to imitate her position. Since the beginning of her career, Mayuka has made it abundantly clear that she plans to pursue voice acting, and has had a chance to voice act for the game KoeKara, and plays the character Amemiya Mayuka, who is based off of her. Early on in 2016, Mayuka began taking classes in voice acting, and it is the reason for her upcoming Graduation in August.

Her fan-cry is 'Mayu-kyandi!'.

Personal Comments:

Mayuka is a really cute member, and a highly talented one, at that. Of all the members (past and present), she has proven to be one of their best singers thanks to her flexibility. Her two solo songs, Auau→Kyururun and 2.5 jigen no Genjitsu are two of my favourite solo pieces from any HouPri member. She's gifted, and whilst I am sad that HouPri will lose a great talent, Mayuka pursuing her dream career is actually for the best. Hopefully, I will hear more from her in future, and I hope she pursues singing in her new career, too, because it would be a bit of a waste if she didn't!

She's a great girl, and she will be missed... I know that she was a truly beloved member.

Name: Yamaguchi Miran
Nickname: AC Miran, Assistant Miran
D.O.B: March 22nd, 1995 (21)
Blood Type: Unknown
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 157cm
Generation: 3rd
Position: Soccer Chairman
Image Colour: Red
Hobbies: Watching soccer, playing basketball
Princess she aims to be:: Rapunzel (She likes her tomboyish feel in the Disney movie, which she sees in herself. She also likes her overall look)

Reign: June 2012 - Present


The sole-surviving 3rd generation member, Miran is known for her love of Soccer, as well as her energy and cool look. Currently, Miran is training to be a teacher, and has taken time off of her Idol activities in order to undertake Academic training, however she is still dedicated to the group. Though she is not vocally present within the groups single releases, Miran has been noted for her skill in dancing, and has centered a few singles both in dance, and visually. She is seen as a front member of the unit, and is often promoting singles on radio, and has also appeared in numerous magazines for both the group and also to promote fashion brands, typically done so alongside Kizuki Saori, as they have contrasting looks (Miran for 'cool', Saori for 'cute'). The song she currently centers is Kojiki Shika!, which her former generation mate, Sakuragi Nene, previously centered.

Prior to joining Houkago Princess, Miran was a part of the temporary unit 8teenz in 2011 until 2012 for a collaboration single, Memories of you, as well as a former 1st generation member of Akihabara Backstage Pass from 2011 until 2012.

Miran is named after the Italian football team, A.C. Milan.

Personal Comments:

Firstly, I love Miran. She's not your conventional front girl, however, she has proven to be a great asset to the group. She's passionate, determined, energetic and an abundance of joy. When you see her perform, you smile along with her and you can feel the joy and love she has for being an Idol. Sure, she can't sing that well, but who cares? She is loving life, and she wants to share that love with you! I also adore how dedicated she is to becoming a teacher, whilst also being an Idol... it kind of makes me wish she would create a sub-unit titled Sensei ni Princess, or something. She's also so darned cute, too! She balances tomboyish tendencies and her girly side reaaaally well.

Also, her name... when I found out she was actually named after A.C. Milan, I was laughing. That's one soccer-loving family, right there!

Name: Kizuki Saori
Nickname: Saorin
D.O.B: October 12th, 1991 (24)
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Saitama, Japan
Height: 151cm
Generation: 4th
Position: Sagging Brow Chairman
Image Colour: Orange
Hobbies / Skills: Watching Anime, Calligraphy, Abacus
Princess she aims to be: Thumbelina (possibly due to her height)

Reign: December 2012 - Present


Known for her sharp but fluid dance moves, Kizuki Saorin is currently the lead dancer in Houkago Princess single releases, and one of the groups more prominent promoting members. Though one of the oldest, Saori looks quite young and is seen as one of the cutest members, in both appearance and in how she speaks. She is also one of the most fashionable and stylish members of the group, and has promoted some brands in magazine appearances alongside Miran. Saori has also been featured on the radio to promote up-coming releases frequently, and has also appeared on Nico Nico Douga once or twice for her skill in dancing.

Of the members, Saori is the shortest, however her energy and skill is second to none.

Personal Comments:

Saorin is a ball of bright energy, seriously. Whenever I see her on stage in a video, she is bouncing like my niece on sugar. At one point, Saorin was my favourite member, and whilst that has changed, I still think she is absolutely wonderful, She's a precious piece of happiness, and one who must be treasured. That said, if you happen to switch her from being your Oshi, she can get a bit surly and ignore you on Twitter, as I've found (haha).

Saorin is a really great girl, and definitely deserving of her status as the groups lead dancer. Also... she's just too darned cute, d'awwww!!!

Name: Maika
Nickname: MaiMai
D.O.B: July 12th, 1993 (23)
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Kanagawa, Japan
Height: 158cm
Generation: 6th
Position: Big Sister Chairman, Vice-President
Image Colour: Purple
Hobbies / Skills: TV, Dancing, listening to music, watching movies, singing, piano
Princess she aims to be: The Little Mermaid (She wishes to captivate people with her singing voice as Ariel did, and to meet others through the music she creates)

Reign: May 2014 - Present


Beginning her career in 2005, Maika became a performer and Idol at the age of 12 as a member of the group Power Age under Stardust Promotion. The group mainly held live performances, and released only one single until its disbandment in 2009. Maika pursued a short solo career after that until 2011, when she left the label and the industry to pursue a normal life. She later returned in 2014 as a member of Houkago Princess, where she was quickly promoted to Regular status and made a lead vocalist in songs alongside Odagiri Nana and Miyashita Mayuka. Since then, Houkago Princesses status rose and they were increasingly noticed, especially when Maika made it to the final round of FujiTV's Idol Karaoke Contest held on September 2014, where she won 3rd place.

Since then, Maika has continued to lead in songs and has promoted the group several time in magazine, radio and TV interviews. She is one of the top three members of the group, alongside Odagiri Nana and Nagasawa Marina, a Cadet. She is known for her 'Diva vocals'.

Personal Comments:

I'm not like, a big fan of Maika, but I do think she's amazing. She's rather loved within HouPri, too, and is known for giving hugs out whenever she gets a chance. She's also an amazing singer, though her flexibility is lacking. Still, I won't deny that Maika is probably the whole reason HouPri are where they are now; their status as a group went waaaay up when Maika joined, and a lot of news outlets went a bit cray when they found out the group had nabbed themselves a talented girl with a pretty solid history in the business. That said, HouPri management have somehow always managed to find pretty talented girls, whether it be in singing or something else.

Maika's a great gal, and she's very sweet and loving to the other members. I think she's a great performer, too, and I just love the passion and drive she has for every song she's in as a member of HouPri. She shines, and she delivers the talent we crave. I'm really glad she joined HouPri, because again, I don't think they would be where they are now without her.

Name: Shirosaki Himari
Nickname: Himarin
D.O.B: June 22nd, 1996 (20)
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Height: 160cm
Generation: 6th
Position: Usamimi Chairman
Image Colour: Sunflower Yellow
Hobbies / Skills: Dancing, cosplay, fashion, lolita, Idol appreciation, singing, Drawing via a PC/Tablet
Princess she aims to be: Odagiri Nana (When she saw the group perform for the first time, she saw how Nana sparkled, and wishes to emulate her senpai)

Reign: June 2014 - Present


The youngest of the bunch, Himari is known for her love of cosplay, Sailor Moon and rabbits, as well as her skill in drawing. She has designed her own characters for t-shirts, sweaters and badges for fun and also to sell during her birthday events. She has good fashion sense, and is a sub-vocalist in songs since being promoted to Regular status.

Personal Comments:

Admittedly, I don't know that much about Himarin other than that she's a really big geek, and that cosplay is pretty much her lifestyle. She's a cute girl, and is a hit with the fans, hence her sub-vocal status. I really do think that, as a member, she fits the role of an Idol who becomes a Princess, because she gets to wear cute costumes and transform into another version of herself.

Again, I don't actually know too much about her. At one point, I was obsessed with her, however that has died down since, and of the members, she's the one I follow the least. Still, I'm glad she's a part of the group, because she's very much loved and adored, and she is pretty darned talented at drawing!

Name: Michishige Saho
Nickname: Sahochi
D.O.B: May 13th, 1991 (25)
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Yamaguchi, Japan
Height: 163cm
Generation: 6th
Position: Japanese Chairman
Image Colour: Light Blue
Hobbies / Skills: Visiting castles, temples and shrines, sleeping, Japanese History, Electone, volleyball
Princess she aims to be: Kaguya-hime (She would like to wear a twelve-layered kimono, and to transform from an Idol to kimono-wearing princess)

Reign: October 2013 - Present


The first 6th generation member to be selection, Saho was also the last to be promoted. Before her arrival to the HouPri Kingdom, however, Saho was a model for online publications, and highly active on social media. As a member of Houkago Princess, she has been active since 2013, and successfully juggled both Idol activities and University up until she graduated the institute in 2015. The only time Saho took a break from the group was in December 2014, in order to focus on her dissertation.
Saho has a love for traditional Japanese buildings, and loves Japanese History as well, hence her position as the Japanese Chairman. She is the second-cousin of former Hello! Project and Morning Musume member, Michishige Sayumi, and enjoys making puns.

Her original introduction line was Atchi, Kotchi, Dotchi? *se no* Sahochi!

Personal Comments:

My current baby, Sahochi is the member I cling to out of the Regular lineup now that Mihotan has all but left me. She's a sweetie pie and, whilst not the most popular of the members, is still hard working and dedicated to being a part of the group and giving it her all. She's impressed me by juggling both University and Idol activities, a feat not easily accomplished, as many former members have shown, and her undying dedication to the group just makes me love her all the more.

Also, she's undeniably wonderful. This girl is so nice to look at, and her smile is a blessing. I didn't think I'd become this besotted by her, but honestly, I am. Also, she freakin' puns, which is great. This girl is just wonderful and sweet, and a delight on Twitter. She's a bit of a ditz sometimes (she decided to cycle herself into a pole one day, and then decided to warn people on Twitter not to do the same act as she), and is really cute and humble, it seems. I love her, I like her, and I'm glad I'm her fan. I just hope she gets to center an A-side at one point, because daaaamn, I want to see her feature on a Kaguya-hime single, or something.

She's my darling, and she's my dork. I luff her!


Okay, so, in regards to the FORMER MEMBERS section, please understand that, whilst I'd be okay to do it, I really don't think I should do an in-depth list like I did with the Regular Members, mostly because HouPri's Revolving Door is in as much use as AKS and Hello! Project's is. Their former member section, though infinitely smaller than AKS', is still pretty big for an Idol group, especially one with as short a tenure as theirs.

Because of the amount of departures within Houkago Princess alone, I have decided that I will only look at the members who left from the years 2010 until 2015, excluding those who participated in HouPri Youth. That's another post for another day, and whilst it might not save me much aggro, it'll at least give me a lot less to write, and a lot less pain for the old carpel tunnel.

So, with that all said and done... let's go.


Name: Hagi Yurika
Nickname: O-Hagi
D.O.B: --
Generation: 1st
Position: --

Reign: December 2012 - May 2011 (Withdrew)

Name: Yamaguchi Mai
Nickname: Maaui, Maawi
D.O.B: February 28th
Generation: 1st
Position: Sports Chairman

Reign: December 2010 - December 2011 (Graduated)

Name: Toyoda Serina
Nickname: --
D.O.B: --
Generation: 2nd, Cadet
Position: --

Reign: October 2011 - November 2012 (Withdrew)


One of the original 2nd generation candidates for Houkago Princess, however she withdrew one month after. Toyoda Serena has since found success as a gravure model, and has released two gravure DVD's.

From 2013 to 2014, she was a member of READY to KISS.

Name: Kaji Nana
Nickname: --
D.O.B: --
Generation: 2nd, Cadet
Position: --

Reign: October 2011 - November 2011 (Withdrew)

Name: Kishitani Yuki
Nickname: Yukki
D.O.B: October 3rd, 1994 (21)
Generation: 1st
Position: Devil Chairman

Reign: December 2010 - May 2012 (Graduated)


After her graduation, Yuki went on to form her own Idol group, Dream Factory, under the agency Office COLOURS where Houkago Princess had originally been founded. She also debuted in Gravure on May 28th 2013, however both she and her group became inactive from December 2013 after Yuki announced her hiatus from the industry.

Name: Yumeka
Nickname: Yumerin
D.O.B: August 8th, 1996 (19)
Generation: 1st
Position: Cool Chairman

Reign: December 2010 - May 2012 (Graduated)


A former child model. At the time of the groups debut, Yumeka was the youngest member at age 14, though she turned 15 shortly after. Since her graduation, Yumeka has been in and out of the industry as a tarento. Currently, she is attending school for acting.

Name: Shirohoshi Chiaki
Nickname: --
D.O.B: August 13th, 1993 (22)
Generation: 3rd, Cadet
Position: Charming Dog Chairman

Reign: June 2012 - October 2012 (Dismissed)


Chiaki was dismissed from the group for breaking the rules within her contract, which included contacting fans and meeting up with them. She took time away from the industry, however returned in 2014 to take part in the stage play LIFE. She then made her return to the Idol scene in 2015, and is currently a member of the indies Idol unit Prism Fantasia.

Name: Kobayashi Rena
Nickname: Yumerin
D.O.B: September 3rd, 1992 (23)
Generation: 2nd
Position: Smile Chairman (Dismissed)

Reign: November 2011 - March 2013


Dismissed for breaking the rules of contract, including not taking her duties as an Idol seriously. Rena returned to the industry in October of the same year as a member of READY to KISS, however she withdrew from the group in February 2014.

Name: Matsumoto Ria
Nickname: --
D.O.B: --
Generation: 4th, Cadet
Position: --

Reign: December 2012 - April 2013 (Dismissed)

Name: Asakura Megumi
Nickname: --
D.O.B: April 2nd, 1995 (21)
Generation: 3rd, Cadet
Position: Bland Chairman

Reign: June 2012 - April 2013 (Dismissed)

Name: Suzukawa Kanari
Nickname: --
D.O.B: November 16th, 1995 (20)
Generation: 5th, Apprentice
Position: Baby Chairman

Reign: May 2013 - July 2013 (Withdrew)


Because of Kanari's commute from Aichi to Tokyo, it was difficult for her to attend promotional events and concerts, so she chose to withdrew. Later on in the year, she joined READY to KISS, however withdrew from the group before the year ended.

Name: Momose Fuuka
Nickname: --
D.O.B: January 9th, 1995 (21)
Generation: 3rd, Cadet
Position: Healing Chairman

Reign: June 2012 - June 2013 (Withdrew)

Name: Nagafuji Aoi
Nickname: Aotaso, Naachan
D.O.B: July 3rd, 1992 (24)
Generation: 2nd
Position: Fuwafuwa Chairman

Reign: November 2011 - June 2013 (Withdrew)


After withdrawing from Houkago Princess to focus on her studies, Aoi came back in October of the same year as a member of the unit READY to KISS, however she withdrew from the group in February 2014.

Name: Chiba Sakino
Nickname: Sakipyon
D.O.B: July 9th, 1990 (25)
Generation: 1st
Position: Fashion Chairman

Reign: December 2010 - July 2013 (Graduated)


Sakino left Houkago Princess in order to focus on fashion, her desired career, however in October 2013, she returned to Entertainment as the leader of READY to KISS, as well as a temporary duo unit, SakiHito, made up of her and Noda Hitomi. Prior to her graduation, Sakino had planned to graduate in September 2012, however postponed it for the sake of her fans.

She is the former center of Houkago Princess, and was a lead vocalist as well as highly popular. She is still highly popular in READY to KISS, and a lead vocalist.

Name: Aiuchi Kohana
Nickname: --
D.O.B: --
Generation: 4th, Cadet
Position: --

Reign: December 2012 - July 2013 (Graduated)


Kohana graduated due to family problems, however came back to the industry for a brief period of time as a gravure model. She quickly left a month later, however.

Name: Noda Hitomi
Nickname: Hitomin
D.O.B: August 10th, 1995 (20)
Generation: 1st
Position: Lunch Chairman

Reign: December 2010 - September 2013 (Dismissed)


An original Houkago Princess member who was dismissed for contacting fans and meeting up with them. A month after her dismissal, however, Hitomi returned alongside Chiba Sakino, announcing their new group, READY to KISS, which was made up of former members of HouPri, excluding Ichinose Anju. She also created a duo with Sakino, named SakiHito. As a member of READY to KISS, Hitomi is popular and noted for being 'sexy' and 'mature'. She has done gravure shoots, appeared in commercials and is also participating in Weekly Young Jump's SAKIDOL ACE SURVIVAL SEASON 5.

Personal Comments:


Name: Shiraishi Rika
Nickname: Ri-ri
D.O.B: June 13th, 1995 (21)
Generation: 3rd
Position: Dimple Chairman

Reign: June 2012 - October 2013 (Graduated)


Rika graduated from Houkago Princess in order to focus on her studies and getting into University. In March of 2014 however, she made her return when auditioning for Arc Jewel's third Doll group, which later became Ange☆Reve. Though she did not make it into the group, Rika returned to Get-Crazy and formed the unit SAY-LA, of which she is the leader. They made thei debut in November 2014.

The group is still active with performances, and Rika has done some modeling since.

Name: Yamakawa Risa
Nickname: Risarina
D.O.B: February 24th, 1994 (22)
Generation: 4th
Position: Ballet Chairman

Reign: January 2013 - January 2014 (Graduated)


Prior to joining Houkago Princess, Risa was a liscensed ballet instructor, and had performed in Berlin, Germany beforehand. She was dismissed from Houkago Princess due to breaking the rules of her contract. She had sprained her ankle during a performance in December of 2013, however it was then revealed that she had been seen the following day that she had been meeting up with fans in private, and that her foot was in fact fine.

Name: Kawamura Shiori
Nickname: --
D.O.B: --
Generation: 6th, Apprentice
Position: --

Reign: February 2014 (Withdrew)


Holding one of the shortest tenures within HouPri history, Shiori withdrew just 13 days after joining the group, due to personal issues.

Name: Sakurai Riho
Nickname: --
D.O.B: January 26th
Generation: 5th, Cadet
Position: Classical Piano Chairman

Reign: May 2013 - February 2014 (Dismissed)


Before joining Houkago Princess, Riho had been studying classical piano since she was 3 years old, and had entered multiple competitions as a result. From late December 2013 until January 2014, Riho travelled to Vienna, Austria in order to study Classical Piano further. She had also at that time been chosen to participate in the Young Gangan Gravure Contest for 2014.

In May of 2014, it was revealed that from January 8th of the same year, Riho's contract had been terminated, as it had come to light that she had a boyfriend, which broke the rules of her contract. The announcement came late due to Riho's participation in the Young Gangan competition.

Name: Fukuhara Kyoka
Nickname: Kyo-chan
D.O.B: January 9th, 1993 (23)
Generation: 5th, Cadet
Position: Undecided Chairman

Reign: May 2013 - February 2014 (Withdrew)

Name: Hayamizu Rin
Nickname: RIN, Rin Rin
D.O.B: December 24th, 1991 (24)
Generation: 4th
Position: Graceful Chairman

Reign: January 2013 - May 2014 (Withdrew)


A former sub-vocalist for Houkago Princess. In 2014, Rin took part in a stage play Hana yo... Chou yo... and, through that, she realised her desire to act so chose to withdraw from Houkago Princess. Since then, she has performed in the play Flying Pirantes - Neverland Hyoryuki -, been a part of the fashion unit Yellow☆Candle, of which she left in December of 2014, and is currently a member of the anime-based all girl unit, kiraLyraHEART, which she joined in 2015.

Rin currently uses the stage name RIN for her voice acting work, and has lent her voice to an iPhone game.

Name: Sakuragi Nene
Nickname: Nenetasu, Nene-chama
D.O.B: October 5th, 1995 (20)
Generation: 3rd
Position: Sweet-Tooth Chairman

Reign: June 2012 - January 2015 (Withdrew / Graduation)


Nene was the first of her generation to be promoted to Cadet status, and the first to be given a center role in a single. Originally a popular member, Nene was known for her good vocals, and was a heavily featured member throughout 2012-2013. In 2013, Nene made the announcement that she would suspend her activities as an Idol in order to focus on her University studies, and did not give a definite return date.

In early 2014, Nene made a slow return to Houkago Princess, with limited and sporadic appearances. From September that year, her appearances became more frequent, and she re-opened her twitter account to the public.

In February of 2015, an announcement was made that Sakuragi Nene would graduate from Houkago Princess, due to inactivity and a lack of dedication to her role as an Idol. Disagreement had been met on both sides (Nene and the staff) as to how she should act, and the little commitment she had given to the group for over a year. Originally, she had been offered a demotion to a Cadet, where she would have to improve herself and show her dedication, however Nene declined, with a withdrawal being her final option. She graduated on February 11th, 2015.

Personal Comments:

I actually found her declining that offer a tad rude, considering o3o

Name: Ayase Miho
Nickname: Mihotan
D.O.B: January 30th, 1991 (25)
Generation: 3rd
Position: My Pace Chairman

Reign: June 2012 - March 2016 (Graduated)


The last of her generation to be promoted to the Regular lineup, Mihotan also happened to be one of the oldest members of the group, aged 25 years old when she graduated in March 2016. Though a back member for a good deal of her career, Miho was well liked by staff, the members and fans of the group. For her final single, the song Sakura saku is lead by her, making it her first and final lead song.

Her image colour was Red, which is also Yamaguchi Miran, her generation mate's colour.

For her final performance, she wore the first costume she had ever performed in as a member of Houkago Princess; the original Juliet ~Kimi wo Suki na 100 Riyuu~ dress.

Personal Comments:

I still love her, and I still miss her, and if I keep talking about her, I'm going to cry...



There is far more information regarding the group, its members and its history out there on the inter-webs, and honestly, I'm finding more each and every day, and trying my best to update it as best I can, fixing my mistakes as I go along. With the group growing constantly as well, in popularity and its members, there is more to learn about them, so the group never gets tiring... at least, not for me!

Given that I've been following them since they debuted, I'm happy I've managed to keep up with these girls, even when I had my downtime in 2012 where I briefly ignored them. This information here, though, is very brief and only touches upon the important bits, I suppose; I don't want to overwhelm you with a bunch of overloaded information, after all! Plus, I kind of post about them enough for you to already know something about them, if you read any of that stuff, that is.

There is a lot to offer from this group, in song and vision and more, and whilst I wish I could compile everything about them here, I can't, which is why I will be creating even more posts on Houkago Princess after this, to introduce you not only to the girls themselves and the group they belong to, but also their music, videos and a little bit more, because five years worth of HouPri cannot be condensed into one post.

To celebrate 5 years of Houkago Princess, please sit back and enjoy the on-coming posts. It should be pretty fun, and maybe a little bit stressful on my part, but I do it because I love them, and because I want to.

Until next time, everyone. Take care, and Love your IDOLS!!!!

Much Love and Smiles,

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