Thursday, 31 October 2019

Idol'ween: The Rise of Lucifer Bear - Summon Alongside Iketeru Hearts in 'Ziashou no Lucifer' (PV Review)

It's finally halloween, the evening of October 31st where children dress up in cute or terrifying outfits and roam the streets. Will candy be thrown into their bags, or are tricks littering the streets this horrifying night? Whatever it may be, the magic, mischief and malevolence is high in the air tonight, and Idol'ween is coming to a close. But before we say goodbye to our spirited Idols in their cutest get-up, let's take a look at the grand finale they have in store for us all tonight...

Tonight's offering: Idols who summon! Are you prepared for what these girls have in store for you this Hallows Eve...?


I have wanted to review Zaishou no Lucifer for a while now, ever since it first came out actually, however never got around to actually doing the review or the Halloween series itself until now. Procrastination is a bitch, but thanks to my desire to return to Halloween PV Pic Spams - and a major thanks to everyone on Twitter who voted for this Music Video to be reviewed - I am finally getting around to checking out Zaishou no Lucifer, the first and only PV to get me interested in the idol group Iketeru Hearts!

Not to say this group isn't interesting - pretty sure they are - but they have never really managed to capture me as a listener or a viewer. With all of their recent and past endeavours in music, I have been left unimpressed, often wondering just why others want me to check them out. I've checked them out plenty, often hoping for something unique, wonderful and catchy that will keep my eyes trained on this group, and more often than not the exact opposite happens. I just can't get into this group.

And yet Zaishou no Lucifer is the exception to the rule here, because this is an incredible masterpiece of a music video, as well as a wonderful song. Catchy, entertaining... it's everything I could have ever wished for from a group that rarely stands out to me, and I do continually wish that they would bring something this edgy and unique to the rest of their discography, but... alas! Tis not meant to be!

I am happy this exists however, because regardless of my feelings towards Iketeru Hearts, I love Ziashou no Lucifer a great deal, and it's thanks to the voices of Twitter (your votes), as well as this love I hold for the song and video that allowed me to get through this heavy Pic and Gif spam review today.

And without any further delay, let's sit our asses down and enjoy some Idol antics, sacrificial lambs, summoning Lucifer Bears and more. It's time to fall into our own cute Hell, Dear Readers, so prepare yourselves.

They might look cute and innocent, but if you step into their territory then your body and soul are up for grabs! In this atmospheric land of idols and Bears named lucifer, let's summon our Overlord together and go on an adventure. Now's the time to prove to the world that Lucifer truly exists...

Let the summoning begin!

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Idol'ween: The Simulation of Death - Fall at The Mercy Of JyuJyu in 'Noroi Hajime' (PV Review)

With magic, mischief and malevolence on the horizon this Hallows Eve, let's celebrate the day of tricks, treats and dress up with our very own Idol'ween where I will review a selection of PV's themed around magic, nightmares, dress up and horror! Whether it's cute or spooky depends on the group in question, but with a collection of cute idols, fun themes and one or two spooky PV's thrown into the cauldron, there will be something for everyone to enjoy!

Tonight we enter a simulation of death, one that is difficult to escape. With a lot of persistence, a little bit of knowledge and some evasive skills, you might just manage to get out of your little predicament. But be careful, because no matter where you run, no matter how much you hide, the members of JyuJyu will try their best to find you!

It's time to tip toe our way through the house and use our skills as Horror Game masters to get through this hellish nightmare that is JyuJyu's horrific PV. Are you ready to fight for your life, dear readers...?

Formed in 2014 and currently active with four members - Neu, Miori, Yurane and Chiyun -, JyuJyu are an alt-idol unit who focus on the cursed, the darkness, the absurd and jealousy. Toting one of the earlier 'dark themed idol groups' gimmick ahead of a few other groups, I was initially intrigued by JyuJyu some time ago, but never continued this interest in pursuit of my stereotypical 'cute' idols. Of course I try to keep up with them, however life gets in the way of that. Therefore, I watch their music videos every now and again, often stumbling upon hidden gems.

And boy oh boy is this a hidden gem. Perfect for the season of horror and malice, JyuJyu's Noroi Hajime creates a wonderfully hostile environment that creates fear of ones surroundings, fear of the unknown and more. Viewer discretion must be advised, however: This PV is violent and dark, with depictions of death and blood throughout. So for your sake I am leaving a trigger warning before the pic spam begins for those of you who do not like seeing violence or horror themes in your media.

With a quick revelation to add, the PV for JyuJyu's Noroi Hajime was released on October 29th, 2016. Without even realising it, I procrastinated this review until its third anniversary. So, Happy 3rd Anniversary, Noroi Hajime!

Now, for those of you who will take on JyuJyu's challenge of survival however, I hope you are prepared for what's about to come your way. What will you do in your moment of danger, and will you find a solution to your problem? Or will you perish like many others have done before? It's time to find out in this game of cat and mouse, so get ready.

Chosen your character? Good. 

G A M E  S T A R T!

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Idol'ween: Idols Suck (as Vampires) - Sink Your Teeth Into IZ*ONE's 'Vampire' (PV Review)

With magic, mischief and malevolence on the horizon this Hallows Eve, let's celebrate the day of tricks, treats and dress up with our very own Idol'ween where I will review a selection of PV's themed around magic, nightmares, dress up and horror! Whether it's cute or spooky depends on the group in question, but with a collection of cute idols, fun themes and one or two spooky PV's thrown into the cauldron, there will be something for everyone to enjoy!

Tonight's pick should create fear, however thanks to a few cheesy scenes and a complete lack of terror, horror or fear, the up-coming review is as cheesy and cheap in thrills similar to that of a tacky Halloween costumes with painted on blood drips. Still, it's a good time to sit back and enjoy some beautiful locations, editing and scenes.

regardless of what little threat they pose, the Vampire's stare will capture you as quickly as their descent upon your neck. Yes, they might suck as Vampire's, but when they're as cute as these idols you might just fall under their deadly spell.

Are you prepared to sacrifice your soul to the night?

Despite being third in my Idol'ween series of reviews, Vampire is the entire reason I decided to re-awaken my passion for PV reviews, as well as the reason behind resurfacing my desire to type up a Halloween-themed series. After seeing it for the first time I knew right away that I wanted to review it, and though I have certainly found some issues with the video itself, I still see this as a strong addition to the groups roster of music videos.

Speaking honestly here, I'm not the biggest fan of IZ*ONE. I have no issue with them - they have some decent songs, their PV's are quite beautiful and I even like a few of the members, it's just that I simply don't care to keep up with them at the same pace as some of my friends. I typically listen to their releases well after the release date, and I don't watch their PV's right away, but I do appreciate their presence, music and music videos. If anything I am a casual fan, one who can appreciate the songs I enjoy, as well as the beauty of their promotional videos.

And here I will try my best to appreciate the beauty of Vampire. Though it isn't scary, this is the video that inspired my Idol'ween series and made me want to look for other videos that fit with the spooky, Halloween-feel I was going for.

In their pic Spam debut - as well as the first PV related post for IZ*ONE on this blog - it's time to check out IZ*ONE's Vampire and see what the hybrid K-pop and J-pop group brings to the plate. With such pretty girls and stunning visuals there is sure to be something here that will please the viewers, but will they fall short and fail to ensnare us mere mortals, or will these vampire idols successfully put you under a trance and suck your wallets dry with the promise of photo cards, pretty PV's and cute music?

It's time to sink our teeth into something a little more chilling. Just be careful, you don't want to turn into a Vampire, right...?

Friday, 25 October 2019

Idol'ween: The Poltergeists Lament - Lay Awake with Dreamcatcher's 'Good Night' (PV Review)

With magic, mischief and malevolence on the horizon this Hallows Eve, let's celebrate the day of tricks, treats and dress up with our very own Idol'ween where I will review a selection of PV's themed around magic, nightmares, dress up and horror! Whether it's cute or spooky depends on the group in question, but with a collection of cute idols, fun themes and one or two spooky PV's thrown into the cauldron, there will be something for everyone to enjoy!

Returning with a few film references, more obnoxious commentary and a terrible review of the final product, I am back with my second entry in my Idol'ween series for 2019. With a focus on the malevolent side of Hallows Eve, this heavily pictured and gif'ed review will see you fall into the pit of nightmares.

For tonight's choice of music video there is a sweet lullaby to lure you into a nightmarish trance, one that few can escape from. So before you head to bed and rest that weary head of yours, remember to hang up a dreamcatcher and say a prayer, because without it you will surely succumb to the terrors of the night.

It's time to say Good Night. Have a pleasant slumber, my darling dreamers...

I first reviewed Dreamcatcher's Chase Me back in February 2017, fairly soon after my friend had introduced me to the group and music video. I was enamoured by the PV, loving every second of it and left entertained by the end. The video was dark, beautiful and fast-paced, delivering a nightmarish plot that didn't seem to fit with the groups name. I was in love, mostly because I like dark groups and horror themes, so the group was a perfect fit for me.

After that Dreamcatcher continued to release music videos and mini-albums and, whilst I followed them a degree, it was not to the extent most fans would. I love the group and their theme, don't get me wrong, but I am simply not a K-pop fan. Still, they're one of the few K-pop groups I actively like, even if my interest in them has waned slightly since I was first introduced to them.

Something that has not waned however is my desire to review a few more of their PV's, especially around this time of the year. Now that Halloween is pretty much down the road, why not check out another Dreamcatcher PV? In fact we should continue from where we left off well over 2 years ago and pick up the story line with Good Night, the sequel to the incredible Chase Me. Sure, my dialogue will be vastly different - so what? - but it's the fun of commenting on the scenery and everything else that makes these reviews so enjoyable for me. Plus, my friend wanted this reviewed instead of Fly High, so there we go.

She actually wanted both to be reviewed, truth be told, but I have a weird self-imposed 'no two reviews will share the same group' policy, so... yeah. There's that.

It's time to delve into the world of Dreamcatcher, a nightmare you need to escape before it traps you in its web of confusion and horror. It's creepy and it's spooky, mysterious and ooky... and you will be haunted all night long if you don't cover the mirrors and hide anything that can tempt the poltergeists,.

Tonight your nightmares are a playground for mischief and terror, so be sure to prepare yourself and hang up those dreamcatchers. If you don't, then you are in for a night of malevolence...

Good Night...~

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Idol'ween: Of Idols and Magic and Bears, Oh My! Experience The 'Ultimate☆MAGIC' with i☆RiS! (PV Review)

After a year and five months of PV silence, it's time to finally make a come back with my obnoxiously long PV Reviews filled with screen grabs, gifs and words galore. And what better way than to come back with a whole series dedicated to one of the most entertaining nights of the year?

With magic, mischief and malevolence on the horizon this Hallows Eve, let's celebrate the day of tricks, treats and dress up with our very own Idol'ween where I will review a selection of PV's themed around magic, nightmares, dress up and horror! Whether it's cute or spooky depends on the group in question, but with a collection of cute idols, fun themes and one or two spooky PV's thrown into the cauldron, there will be something for everyone to enjoy!

For tonights PV Review, there is a faint crackling of magic in the air. So get read to dust off that witch or wizards hat, hop on a broomstick and pull out that spell book, because we're going on an adventure together to find the Ultimate☆MAGIC.

Are you ready? If yes, then let's hop on our brooms and go!

Kicking off our Idol'ween festivities are the ever-incredible i☆RiS, a group of AniSong singers who also act as voice actresses. Most notable for singing the opening and ending theme songs for various PriPara seasons - as well as voicing the lead characters - i☆RiS have been active as a group since 2012 and are under the Avex label. Despite being one of Avex's few idol groups, they are not under the iDOL STREET label.

Made up of six members - Yamakita Saki, Serizawa Yu, Akaneya Himika, Wakai Yuuki, Kubota Miyu and Shibuya Azuki - i☆RiS have held a consistent lineup since their debut 7 years ago, and though I was initially disinterested in the group after their debut single, I have since found the way of i☆RiS and fallen in love with them since their adorable single Make it! was released 5 years ago! Since rekindling my love with them however, I have not featured the group on my blog with a review since... well, since they debuted.

Because I am that much of a fan, y'all.

In all seriousness though, i☆RiS - though prominent in my Year End song posts - have only featured in one PV review on here, way back in 2012. That doesn't mean I don't love the group of course - I do, they're a brilliant group and they have so many good songs in their discography - I just haven't really put much thought into reviewing their stuff individually on here.

Until today, that is. Because what better way to bring one of the most magical girl groups to the forefront of my blog than with a PV review that focuses on their charm, their cuteness and the magic that they hold within?

And hey, what better way to bring back my PV Pic Spam reviews, aye? Ayyyye! >o>

Now that Halloween is just around the corner and the idols are bringing out their PV's full of magic, mystery and mischief, let's dive into a world of alchemy and potion making, spells and enchantment in the beginning of the Idol'ween series! But what will we experience this Hallows Eve with i☆RiS? Will it be all cuteness and spell casting, or is something spookier lurking on the horizon?

It's time to take out your wand and cloak, little witches and wizards, for we are about to enter a world that isn't our own. Are you prepared to be spellbound, or are you immune to such trickery?

Bibbitty, Bobbitty... BOOF!

Monday, 30 September 2019

KYOKA - The Graduation Appreciation Post

For a lot of people, turning 21 means a turning point in their life. It means becoming an adult, perhaps settling down, or maybe finally figuring things out. For some it is just another day, but for KYOKA of LONDON BLUE it is both a celebration of her age and the day of her graduation.

Today on September 30th 2019, KYOKA stood on the stage as a member of LONDON BLUE for the last time to celebrate with her fans, and though her time with the group was shorter than former member KANA's, KYOKA has made her own impact within the group thanks to her energetic presence and kind persona.

Now she joins the other LONDON BLUE Alumni, but this does not mark the end for KYOKA. Like every graduation, there is a new beginning just around the corner. Whether her new pursuit is acting, singing, dancing or becoming a tarento, KYOKA is sure to continue her journey with an abundance of energy and positivity.

Before I say my goodbye to an Idol who created joy on stage, let's take a moment to appreciate KYOKA for all she has done. Sure, she was with the group for just a year and 3~4 months, but in such a short time she created so many members. So let's appreciate her together one more time as she leaves LONDON BLUE and the sparkling idol stage...

If you want an idol who is full of energy and delight, then look no further - that is KYOKA. The embodiment of joy and cuteness, KYOKA was initially one of the youngest and smallest members of LONDON BLUE back in June of 2018 when she debuted with the group, however she quickly came to be a prominent and treasured member of the group after the sudden graduations of her gen-mates, RINA and RINKA.

Yet still she persevered in showcasing a bright, energetic and bubbly personality to the fans and giving it her all on and off the stage. Whether she was singing and dancing, calling to the crowd or acting on another stage, KYOKA would always give 100% in everything she did. For someone who has a serious work ethic, it is pretty incredibly how easily KYOKA could put on a smile and create such a warm, fun environment for those who witnessed her performance.

She is a great Idol, and I am going to miss the KYOKA that I came to know.

Kenbishi Kunogi - The Graduation Appreciation Post

On September 28th 2019, Kenbishi Kunogi of NECRONOMIDOL celebrated a live show that brought together the joys of her birthday and the sorrow of her graduation. With 9 short months in the group, Kunogi fell into darkness alongside her peers and stunned the audience with her idol-like aura, but now she's ready to start anew with her solo activities and take a new path, one that is supported by her former management and group mates.

Though she only held a short tenure within NECRONOMIDOL, Kunogi had her own trials she faced during her time in NECRONOMIDOL and created lasting memories that she could not have captured if she had not been welcomed into the group earlier this year. Now she will move forwards, and though the decision for Kunogi to graduate was sudden for the fans - I can only guess that it's a different matter behind the scenes - it seems like Kunogi herself is confident in this new venture she is taking, but before her solo activities are fully in motion I want to take a moment to appreciate Kenbishi Kunogi.

Her time with NECROMA was short, but she will continue to be an idol. But for now, let's appreciate the Kenbishi Kunogi I knew, even though she has graduated and moved forward.

It's Graduation Appreciation time once more.

Kunogi is cute as a button, entertaining to watch and someone who has a true idol-aura on the stage, and perhaps a little shyness when she's off of it. A rather bewitching girl, I immediately clicked that Kunogi was the type of member I would like to follow when both she and Michelle joined NECRONOMIDOL back in January of this year, however that feeling flip-flopped a little before I eventually went on to meet the members in-person back in July of this same year when NECRONOMIDOL travelled to the UK. It was then that I realised how much I liked Kunogi and how she was my second favourite member within the group I had come to love since last year.

And then I learned of her graduation with the rest of the world, and I paused.

I saw the news on Twitter, a tweet sent from Kunogi's own account that I translated from Google, of course.

"I won't be able to meet you, and I will continue to do my best in solo and band activities..."

The comments below that told of the fans' sadness, as well as Kunogi's own English message herself apologising for making everyone sad was all I needed to know what this was about: Kunogi would leave NECRONOMIDOL despite still being so new within the group. I would be losing a member that I really liked, someone I wanted to see flourish in a group I adore. More than anything though, I wanted to watch her confidence grow.

So when I read the news, I cried.